See Michael Keaton’s Batwing From The Flash Movie

An early toy reveal from The Flash shows Michael Keaton's Batman is returning with a brand new Batwing.

By Danyell Marshall | Published

michael keaton batman

The Flash Film News Twitter account posted a photo of new Flash merchandise featuring Michael Keaton’s new Batwing design. This is the first upgrade this Batman aircraft has had since 1989. Fans are excited to see Michael Keaton reprise his role as Batman from Tim Burton’s Batman in the Ezra Miller film.

In The Flash, set to be released in 2023, Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) is trapped in a parallel universe. In this world, Michael Keaton’s Batman still protects the streets of Gotham, however, as the character moves between realities, Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne returns in the same film. This crossover between Batman timelines has fans holding their breath with anticipation.

The original Batwing from Tim Burton’s Batman is an iconic franchise symbol for many fans. It first graced the silver screen in a heart-racing action sequence with audiences on the edge of their seats. Hearts stopped as the Joker shot the Batwing down.

The merch photo features a redesigned Michael Keaton Batwing, likely a new and improved model with the speed to keep up with The Flash, to replace the one lost to the Joker. The aircraft looks like an intimidating matte black manta ray. The packaging advertises the figure as the Ultimate Batwing.

The sleek, futuristic design and the new name suggest the addition of advanced technology fans have never seen before. However, it’s not like Batman to put off an upgrade. It will be interesting to see how this older version of Batman has improved and evolved his aircraft to keep up with the times.

The toy batwing stirring up all the excitement was released early by its producer Spin Master. The packaging matches Miller’s costume in The Flash and contains the Ultimate Batwing, a small figure of The Flash, and a small figure of Michael Keaton’s Batman. The box includes an image of the original 1989 aircraft for comparison, showing that the original Batwing was more angular and bulky than the design featured in the tweet. The redesigned aircraft looks lighter, quieter, and darker—a stealth aircraft.

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Ezra Miller as The Flash

Spin Master toys is a legendary company that makes iconic products like the Rubik’s cube and the etch-a-sketch. The company’s been in business for over thirty years and now makes a wide range of DC Universe toys. Spin Master acquired the rights to produce toys for Batman and other DC properties in 2019 and has launched popular products across dozens of properties.

This exciting look at The Flash’s merch adds some breadcrumbs to the hype trail fans are being led down. Despite the recent controversies facing star Ezra Miller, many look forward to seeing the film. Of course, Michael Keaton isn’t the only draw, either, with fans of The Flash series hoping to see star Grant Gustin in the 2023 film.

Some have called for The Flash not to be released or even digitally recast to remove Ezra Miller from the cast following a string of concerning behaviors. The controversies surrounding Miller began after filming ended, and as filmmakers have pointed out, the film represents the hard work of many more people than the headline-making star. Fans can get a better look at the Batwing design in The Flash when the film launches in 2023.