Michael Bay To Take Over A New Franchise?

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

michael bay

Is Michael Bay ready to take on a new franchise? The director known for explosions and more explosions has made his name with movies like Bad Boys, 6 Underground, and Transformers. While there are likely many franchises he could take on and revive, insider Daniel Richtman has shared with his Patreon page that he hears the director is being eyed to revive The A-Team.

Two weeks ago, Richtman shared that he heard the studio was looking to bring this franchise back to life. He said that the studio wanted to do so with big-name actors, and that they are looking at Will Smith for a central role. Now, Richtman hears they’re eyeing big-name director Michael Bay as well. That’s not all he hears. The insider also shared that there may be an A-Team reboot alongside a new sequel.

We can assume that by “new sequel”, the insider means a sequel to the 2010 movie that flopped. The A-Team was originally a popular television series from the 1980s. In 2010, they made a film starring Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper, but it just didn’t take off. That movie was made on a budget of $110 million and earned $177 million worldwide at the box office. Those numbers certainly don’t lead to a sequel. While this is all the insider shared, it could mean a sequel being released around the same time as the first new reboot. That would mean the studio is doubling down and making two movies in their new project at once, but that may make more sense than a sequel to the 2010 flop.

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Would Michael Bay be interested in taking on The A-Team? Probably. That sounds up his alley. A great revival for this franchise should include plenty of explosions. The original sitcom didn’t rely on things making total sense, plot-wise. It relied more on fun one-liners and action-oriented weekly stories. This is an area where Michael Bay can excel. The director loves special effects-heavy work and unexpected events in his action scenes. He isn’t afraid to embrace the ridiculous. The opening twenty minutes of 6 Underground puts his style full-on display.

Right now, the Netflix movie 6 Underground is a standalone title for Michael Bay, but Daniel Richtman also claims to hear that will soon change. He says that Ryan Reynolds is looking to get Henry Cavill involved for the sequel. The storyline of that film was certainly set up to be easily turned into a franchise. It performed well for Netflix, so a sequel would make sense. Still, the streaming platform has never confirmed that is in the making. Possibly because both Ryan Reynolds and the director have full plates already, especially if Bay decides to take on The A-Team franchise.

Currently, Michael Bay is set to work on an action-thriller called Ambulance. He also has a science-fiction movie on the way. Robopocalypse is based on a novel by Daniel H. Wilson and takes place after artificial intelligence decides their best work will be to destroy the human race. That movie has been in the works for a while and is hopefully to be written by Drew Goddard, who worked on the scripts for The Martian, World War Z, and Bad Times at the El Royale. Hopefully, we’ll have more news on some of Michael Bay’s current projects, and future prospects, soon.