Matthew McConaughey Is Getting Roasted For His Motivational Seminars

Matthew McConaughey is being mocked for his virtual motivational series, which include bongos and descriptions of his dreams.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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Contact star and possible brother of Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey may have been the coolest guy in school but he’s now getting roasted by talk show host John Oliver for his latest venture outside of Hollywood – motivational speeches. On a recent episode of Oliver’s Last Week Tonight (as per The Hollywood Reporter), the comedian and host took jab after jab at the actor’s virtual motivational seminar titled ‘The Art of Livin'” – an easy-to-swing-at session for the weekly show as the jokes essentially wrote themselves. 

Known for his smooth talking ways and Texan accent, Matthew McConaughey took his show on the road – or rather to the internet – where he appeared alongside a slew of other notable names including Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Trent Shelton, and Dean Graziosi. Freely giving his advice and experience to the public, the Austin American-Statesman reported that the event featured moments of the Sahara star jamming on a set of bongos while reading messages from virtual attendees who wrote in to share their secrets with the star. 

As if this wasn’t enough ammunition for John Oliver to use during his show, things were tipped over the edge when Matthew McConaughey opened up with his own story during the session. According to the actor, back in 1999, he had a dream during which “I was floating down a river naked, wrapped up in anaconda sharks, piranhas and crocodiles. And lined along the ridge of the river, there were thousands of African tribesmen each holding a shield and a spear. And it wasn’t a nightmare. Actually, it was a wet dream.”

Wow. Even though it’s incredibly low-hanging fruit, we give props to John Oliver and the writers at HBO’s Last Week Tonight for picking up this bit of gold and ensuring that the rest of the world would be able to witness this momentous occasion. Not letting Matthew McConaughey off the hook, Oliver cracked several jokes at his expense, also informing his audience that the seminar lasted a whopping five-and-a-half hours. 

At this point, we’re sure you’re wondering how it’s possible that Matthew McConaughey and the rest of his inspirational crew were giving away their amazing advice and personal stories for free. Apparently, “The Art of Livin'” was just the beginning of a program called “Roadtrip: The Highway to More” which will be very much not free, priced at $397 for viewers who attended the initial launch and $497 for all others. Classic McConaughey.

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Honestly, you had us at a Matthew McConaughey-led motivational program mixed with group therapy with an edge that sounds like something out of Fight Club. After all, he does have an incredibly successful career in Hollywood and one that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. As if he wasn’t big enough, the actor’s recent reveal that he would be appearing in some sort of Yellowstone spin-off is even further proof of the performer’s stardom. 

While Kevin Costner’s time as John Dutton may be coming to a close, Matthew McConaughey is just getting started in yet another series to come from the Taylor Sheridan-created universe. While many fans have been upset at the news that not only may Season 5 be Costner’s last season but it may also mark the series finale, the addition of McConaughey to the Yellowstone family is sure to cheer some of them up. Whether you’re motivated by his wild tales or not, there’s no doubt that McConaughey is a national treasure.