We’re Getting A Bad Boys Trilogy With Martin Lawrence And Will Smith

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Martin Lawrence and Will Smith aren’t just going to return for Bad Boys 4. According to a brand new report from insider Daniel Richtman, we are getting an entirely new trilogy of Bad Boys films starring the two iconic leads.

Bad Boys for Life was an unexpected super hit early this year, ranking as 2020’s largest domestic box office take as of this writing and the second largest worldwide box office take of 2020. Granted, the unique and life-altering circumstances that have been thrust upon us due to the COVID-19 pandemic played a big part in that, but it does not change the fact that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence returned to the action franchise with a bonafide blockbuster hit.

With that success in mind, it sounds like the studio is itching to get Will Smith and Martin Lawrence back in the saddle as soon as possible. We already knew a fourth installment was on the way but this new resport makes it seem like Sony Pictures is over the moon with the prospect of future Bad Boys movies. Commiting to a whole trilogy showcases just how adamant the studio is about getting Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to anchor an entire action franchise.

Frankly, it makes a ton of sense. Bad Boys for Life was clearly popular and Sony would love to have their own action franchise to compete with the likes of Universal’s Fast & Furious flicks. While Sony does have the Spider-Man series and its various spinoffs, there are a ton of complicated contractual obligations regarding how much money they can actually make off those films. By cementing their own blockbuster franchise, Sony could be headed for some beaucoup bucks.

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Having Will Smith and Martin Lawrence at the forefront of such a franchise certainly does not hurt things. Both actors have amassed enough cultural cred to entice audiences to return for more entries in the Bad Boys series. And if both actors are still feeling primed and creatively enthused by the franchise, there is no reason not to let them take more shots with the characters of Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett.

Considering the amount of time that took place between the various Bad Boys sequels, it is hopeful that this new trilogy would be able to get off the ground sooner rather than later. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are clearly still primed for action but they also are not getting any younger. If a new trilogy really is the game plan, could these new Bad Boys films potentially shoot back-to-back? Would Sony want to see if Bad Boys 4 is successful enough first and then shoot the fifth and sixth entries together?

All of this is speculation at this juncture, but it does seem like we are guaranteed to be getting more Bad Boys films in the not-too-distant future. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence more than proved they still have what it takes to deliver the kind of fun and excitement audiences expect from this series. Here’s hoping we get official confirmation on this new Bad Boys trilogy within the next year.