Magneto Series In The Works For Disney Plus

Disney+ will soon see a Magneto Series.

By Erika Hanson | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Since Disney bought out 20th Century Fox in 2019, Marvel fans have been eagerly awaiting the first X-Men appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With no official words yet from Disney on when we can expect to see the beloved mutant characters crossover into the MCU, fans have been zealously predicting when we will finally see the X-Men at center stage. That wait might be over soon, as Geekosity has reportedly attained insider information that a Magneto series is in early-stage development at Disney. 

There is still very little information and no confirmation from Disney on the series, as it is reported to just now be in development. However, it is speculated that the show will be an origins story on the mastermind villain with no connection to the Fox movies or any previous TV series. It is also reported that the Magneto series will feature Magneto’s daughter, Lorna Dane, known as the mutant Polaris.

With the Magneto series slated to focus on Erik the Red himself, it is simple to see why Disney would choose this particular mutant to develop a series with. Magneto’s character was developed by Stan Lee himself in 1963. After a traumatizing upbringing in Nazi Germany, Magneto grew up with the notion that mutants are evolutionarily superior to humans. This belief would eventually cause strife and fallout between Magneto and his long-running friend and counterpart, Professor X. With the power to manipulate all forms of magnetism, summon force fields, and a genius brain fit for Albert Einstein, Magneto is considered one of, if not the most, powerful mutants alive.

Magneto has long been a fan-favorite character amongst the Marvel elite, with his popularity soaring to new levels when Sir Ian McKellen took the helm as Magneto in the 2000’s X-Men trilogy. His motivations and characteristics can be compared to the likes of other famous on-screen “gray zone” villains such as Thanos, Killmonger, and Baron Zemo. And given the fact that fans have taken such a widespread positive reaction to characters like Baron Zemo in The Falcon and Winter Soldier series, a Magneto series could be the perfect introduction for mutants in the MCU. 

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Even before Wandavision premiered on Disney Plus, fans were speculating that an X-Men crossover would happen. Much to fans’ despair, we instead were fed a distraction from Evan Peters, who didn’t actually reprise his role as Quicksilver at all but instead turned out to be an absent-minded decoy used by Agatha to manipulate Wanda. It was later confirmed that the first mutant crossover appeared in last spring’s Black Widow premier, with a small cameo from the mutant Ursa Major. But small cameos and red herrings aren’t enough to fulfill the void missing in the MCU. 

With such little information currently detailed, all fans can do now is speculate what may be in store for the Magneto series. With Magneto’s daughter, Polaris rumored to be cast in the series, we can’t help but wonder if this means Wanda Maximoff, who was previously known in the Marvel comics as the daughter of Magneto, will tie into the series at all. We also can’t help but wonder if we will see Professor X in the series somehow, as it has already been reported that the good doctor may have a role to play in Doctor Strange 2.