Loki’s Renslayer Identity Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight?

By Erika Hanson | Updated

Ravonna Renslayer

Three episodes deep, Loki is proving to be just as mysteriously convoluted as ever. In episode 3, titled “1893,” we are reintroduced to Jonathan Majors, this time as Kang variant Victor Timely. Besides seeing Majors back in the role, peculiar to me in this episode was the secret Miss Minutes teases Renslayer with at the end, and this has me theorizing that Renslayer is actually Miss Minutes.

We know very little about Ravonna Renslayer thus far. The now-rogue TVA agent has been on the run since aiding Miss Minutes and He Who Remains in their quest to restore the Kang variant from the end of time’s power.

But we do know that only Renslayer and Miss Minutes seem to have a close connection to He Who Remains, which is why there is a good chance that the two are one in the same. Like the rest of the TVA agents, Renslayer’s past has been wiped from her memory. Given her connection to Kang, the inevitable reveal of her past life is going to be something major.

But maybe that means she’s a Kang variant herself. Or what if she’s actually the mother of the almighty conqueror? In Marvel comics, Ravonna Renslayer is the love interest to Kang, so it is possible that could be the only big reveal we get about the character.

But given what little we learned about Renslayer and Miss Minutes in episode 3, Marvel might be leading up to the revelation that Renslayer is the human form of the quirky AI clock. After Miss Minutes and Victor Timely ditch Renslayer and head to the inventor’s workshop, Miss Minutes opens up to Timely about her deep connection with He Who Remains.

Miss Minutes in Loki Episode 3 “1893”

Here, it is made evident that Miss Minutes, after being given autonomy by her creator, is deeply infatuated with her maker. When discussing her association with the all-powerful being to Timely, Minutes refers to their relationship as being “more than friends.”

However, she points out that as close as the two were, Kang never gave the AI a body so the two could “truly lead together.” This not only explains why Miss Minutes grew so jealous of Renslayer and Victor Timely during the boat escape scene, but also hints at the two being different forms of the same person.

Miss Minutes and Renslayer seem to have a deep connection to He Who Remains. Even as both characters first meet his variant Victor, the two ladies are equally taken aback by him. It may just be a coincidence, but revealing that Miss Minutes has always desired to have human form, and the fact that both women seem to be on the same mission has me convinced Renslayer is Miss Minutes.

Miss Minutes and Renslayer in Loki Episode 3 “1893”

It makes sense that Renslayer – a TVA agent whose memory has been wiped – would not know of this connection. But what about Miss Minutes? Does she know the Ravonna is some version of herself?

Probably not. Most likely, He Who Remains wiped both the sentient AI and Renslayer’s memory of this. Also, he probably had his own personal reasons for doing so. Maybe Renslayer/Miss Minutes threatened He Who Remains ultimate plan, or learned of something that would have made them turn away.

The big secret Miss Minutes teases Renslayer with at the end of episode 3 isn’t likely to be that they are the same being, but it could very well eventually lead the two down a path of discovering this monumental information. 

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with Renslayer, Miss Minutes, Loki, and the rest of the crew in the remaining three episodes of Loki on Disney+.

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