See The Deadly Last Of Us Fungus As An Adorable Pixar Character

The Last of Us Cordyceps fungus is pictured as an adorable animated character.

By Jesse Chagnon | Published

The Last of Us is currently a huge hit for HBO, and the television series has brought in a ton of new eyes to Naughty Dog’s pandemic apocalypse franchise. With that increase in fans comes all sorts of great artwork like this cute rendition of one of the Cordyceps fungus creatures spotted on Twitter.

This fantastic art by user TopherStoll reimagines the terrifying Last of Us fungus if they were made by Pixar. Normally the idea of being controlled by a mind-eating fungus would strike fear, but when they are this adorable one almost want to be controlled by them.

The Last of Us is full of nightmare-inducing creatures to keep fans up at night. From the high-speed infected Runners to the shambling armored Bloaters, there is no shortage of creatures out for your blood, the fungus that controls these monsters is by far the scariest of them all. While we have yet to see many different variations of the monsters from the game in the show, HBO no doubt has them locked and loaded.

The idea of losing your whole self is very frightening, so the idea of fungus sapping away control of one’s mind and body is a terrifying prospect. Fortunately, it isn’t necessarily a worry in real life, but it had better look this cuddly.

This loveable rendition of the fungus practically begs to have a movie made following its adventures trying to find a suitable host. The Last of Us may be all grim and dour, but that doesn’t mean audiences couldn’t enjoy a fun family-friendly adventure set in this world as a diversion from all the heartbreak. After the last few episodes, we could all use a laugh or two, especially after the devastating recent third episode featuring Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett broke us all down.

You almost have to love the excitement on the face of the fungus in the artwork, even while its bug host doesn’t seem too thrilled to be possessed by the creature. Hopefully, we see a lot more fun artwork like this in the future if the hype for the show keeps up, and that seems inevitable.

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The Last of Us was already well known as one of the most critically acclaimed video game series in decades, but this new show has really amped up its popularity. Featuring fan-favorite actors Pedro Pascal, Nick Offerman, and relative newcomer Bella Ramsey The Last of Us has made a huge impact in the short time it has been on the air.

With only five episodes remaining, it has already been a wild ride and it is very exciting to see where The Last of Us goes at the tail end of its first season. Even with some deviations from the game, the show has been really great as an adaption, and the changes made make a lot of sense in the context of real life. Catch The Last of Us every Sunday on HBO or HBO Max at 9pm EST.