Larry David’s New Project Canceled Hours Before Its Premiere

Perennial funnyman Larry David decided to pull the documentary about his life, just hours before it was set to premiere.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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It should come as no shock that Larry David does things the Larry David way. The man has been a comedic genius since his early career days. He is the co-creator behind the massively successful sitcom, Seinfeld. Not to mention being the creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which has been running on HBO since 2000. With all this success, there is clearly a lot more going on than the public knows. That’s usually a standard thing with most creatives. The great thing was that a documentary about David’s life, called The Larry David Story, was just about to air on HBO Max. However, the man himself decided to pull his documentary just hours before its premiere on the streaming platform. You can read the tweet announcement below:

While it might seem odd for someone to pull a documentary about themselves, Larry David has some good reasoning on why he made that choice. First and foremost was that he was not happy with the finished product. That is certainly a good reason. This is his life story, and if he wasn’t painted in the correct light or happy with the film in general, then that would warrant some big concerns. The next reason, which happens to be an even more understandable reason considering who he is, is that David wants to do this documentary in front of a live audience. Now that makes total sense.

Larry David is an award-winning comedian and writer, and as such, he is also a performer. The live format for these types of things is certainly one that would go over well with the fanbase. Instead of sitting at home and watching this documentary about his life, he could turn the film into a live watched Q&A type of event. One thing is for sure, we would all like a shot at asking Mr. David about some of his life. Again, he has been a creative genius for decades. What’s interesting is to see how much influence he has on HBO. That’s not meant to sound like a bad thing, it’s just insane they would pull a documentary just hours before its release, especially after the advertising that was likely done for the film.

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The Larry David Story is said to be a sit-down between David and his friend, director Larry Charles. The documentary will go deep into the career highs and lows for David, while he talks about the success of both Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. He also touches on metaphysics and what it has been like to be a parent for him. While the documentary is structured like a sit-down interview, it makes total sense why he would now want to do such a thing in front of a live audience. Again, this could mean there will be a Q&A type of format added as well. At least we hope.

While fans will have to wait to see The Larry David Story, HBO has also stated for everyone to, “stay tuned,” so that could mean everyone should buckle up while they figure out a live taping situation for this documentary. One thing is for sure, we will all be looking out for tickets to this event. Hopefully, they announce a live schedule in the coming weeks.