Bill Hader’s Amazing HBO Show Barry Finally Reveals Major Season 3 Update

By Michileen Martin | 3 months ago

bill hader barry

You’re the best professional killer on the market. When you’re hired to kill an out-of-work actor you trail him to figure out his routine, and find him at an actor’s workshop. Inspired by what you see, you decide to leave the death-dealing behind to become an exceptionally bad actor. Now you’ve got the cops, the mobsters you were supposed to be working for, and your former handler all gunning for you, and while you deal with them, you also have to figure out what scene to rehearse for the next workshop with the other bad actors (who aren’t quite as horrible as you) taught by a never-was teacher more interested in promoting himself and vomiting cliches than helping you in your “craft.” What have you got? You’ve got arguably the best thing Bill Hader has ever done — HBO’s Barry, and after three years the Emmy-wining black comedy thriller series is finally on its way back. Season 3 will premiere on HBO on Sunday, April 24.

TV Line reports Barry‘s return to the screen this Spring. The site also provided photos from the new season including looks at Bill Hader as the titular hitman, Stephen Root as Fuches in hiding, Sarah Goldberg as Sally in her new acting gig, Anthony Carrigan’s NoHo Hank in a police interrogation room, and Henry Winkler’s Gene Cousineau looking darkly across his desk at the man who murdered his lover Janice (Paula Newsome) in the season 1 finale. You can see the photos below.

bill hader henry winkler barry
Bill Hader and Henry Winkler in Barry
anthony carrigan barry
Anthony Carrigan in Barry
Sarah goldberg barry
Sarah Goldberg on Barry
stephen root barry
Stephen Root on Barry

There’s more good news, too. Last July, a report emerged that once Barry finally got back in production, the plan was for Bill Hader and co. to shoot back-to-back seasons. If accurate, then hopefully we won’t get quite as long a delay between seasons 3 and 4 as we have between seasons 2 and 3. It potentially won’t be the only series — motivated in part by the pandemic — to choose the strategy. Paramount+’s Star Trek: Picard is likewise filming its second and third seasons consecutively.

In May 2019 “berkman > block,” the season 2 finale of Bill Hader’s Barry, aired on HBO. The series hasn’t had a new episode snce then — nearly three years. Speaking to CBS News in May 2020, Henry Winkler confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic shut down production. He said the cast sat down in March 2020 for table reads of the first two season 3 scripts, “And we were gonna come back the next day and read three and four,” Winkler recalled. “And went home. And never went back.”

Luckily, Barry has survived the long break. Where did we leave things at the end of season 2? Bill Hader’s Barry had slaughtered a whole bunch of criminals in pursuit of his former handler Fuches, who escaped. That’s probably why in the image above, he’s somewhere with a goat. Everyone knows if you don’t want hitmen to find you, hang out with goats. While the police had been looking at Gene for Janice’s murder, they’ve since turned their attention to the Chechen mob, which may very well be why Hank is being interrogated in the season 3 photos. Sally, somehow, has a paying acting gig, and Gene has remembered that Fuches told him Barry killed Janice. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s get this show going again!