The Epic Kit Harington Disaster Movie On Netflix Based On A Wildly Tragic Story

By Steven Nelson | Published

kit harrington pompeii

Dive into a world where history and Hollywood collide, as Netflix brings to its platform the epic disaster romance, Pompeii. Starring Kit Harington, best known for his iconic role in Game of Thrones, this film plunges viewers into the ancient city’s final days.

As Mount Vesuvius erupts in a torrent of blazing lava, a gladiator races against time to save the woman he loves. Be prepared to embark on a journey filled with action, drama, and breathtaking visuals. 

In Pompeii, Kit Harington takes on the role of Milo, a Celt who as a boy witnessed the massacre of his entire family and village by the hands of the Roman Senate, led by Senator Corvus (played by Kiefer Sutherland). Captured and enslaved, young Milo grows up to be a fierce and skilled gladiator, known as “The Celt.”

Kit Harington stars in the big-budget movie Pompeii streaming on Netflix

Kit Harington as Milo is then transported to Pompeii where he is set to compete in a tournament for the city’s elite. En route, he meets Cassia (played by Emily Browning), the daughter of the wealthy city ruler, Severus (Jared Harris). Their encounter is brief, but it sparks a mutual attraction. Unknown to Milo, Cassia has had her own unfortunate run-in with Senator Corvus and his sinister subordinate Proculus (Sasha Roiz), leading her to flee Rome and return to Pompeii.

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However, her hopes of escaping Corvus are dashed when he arrives in Pompeii with the intention of making a business deal with her father and, more menacingly, taking Cassia as his bride. As Kit Harington’s Milo and Cassia’s paths continue to cross, their budding romance becomes evident, but it also becomes dangerous due to Corvus’s obsession with Cassia.

Amidst the political and romantic intrigues, nature prepares to unleash its fury. The ground shakes sporadically, giving hints of the impending doom. As the day of the grand tournament approaches, with Milo and his friend/fellow gladiator Atticus (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) set to face off in what should be a death match, Mount Vesuvius begins its catastrophic eruption.

The eruption throws the city into chaos. Buildings crumble, and the sky turns black with ash. Amidst the destruction, Milo must navigate the falling city, battling adversaries and the force of nature, to rescue Cassia from the clutches of the corrupt Senator Corvus.

The Kit Harington movie climaxes with a tidal wave striking the city’s port, decimating the remainder of Pompeii’s population and infrastructure. As the city gets buried under ash and pyroclastic flow, it seals the tragic fate of the film’s protagonists, capturing the real-life horror of one of history’s most infamous natural disasters.

Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, Pompeii is a blend of historical drama, action-packed sequences, and a tragic love story, set against the backdrop of a city on the brink of annihilation.

Pompeii was a significant gamble for the film industry, particularly in its efforts to capture the grandeur and tragedy of one of history’s most infamous natural disasters. With a blend of historical drama, action sequences, and a tragic love story, there were high hopes for the film’s performance both critically and commercially. However, the movie failed to resonate with a broader audience and was met with lukewarm reception by critics.

While Kit Harington, fresh from his success in Game of Thrones, was a significant draw for many, the movie struggled to capitalize on his star power. Critics pointed out various flaws in the film, ranging from its formulaic love story, and underdeveloped characters, to its CGI-driven visuals which some felt were not as convincing as they should have been for a disaster epic.

The dialogue was also criticized for being stilted, and the narrative for not delving deep enough into the rich historical context of Pompeii.

Box office figures were equally disappointing. With a hefty production budget, the film’s earnings struggled to recoup costs, making it a financial misstep. The international box office did offer some respite, but it was not enough to label the movie as a commercial success.

Kit Harington’s Pompeii struggled with both critics and at the box office

For Kit Harington, Pompeii was an ambitious step into leading man territory in a big-budget film. While his performance was praised by some for its intensity, the movie’s overall reception might have been a setback in his journey as a film actor. However, Harington’s reputation remained largely intact, as many attributed the film’s shortcomings to its writing and direction rather than its cast. 

Still, Kit Harington’s Pompeii serves as a cautionary tale about the challenges of adapting historical events into blockbuster entertainment.

Despite its struggles at the box office and with critics, Pompeii remains an intriguing watch for those interested in historical dramas and large-scale cinematic spectacles. Kit Harington’s passionate performance stands out, providing a glimpse into his range beyond the snowy landscapes of Westeros.

While the film may not have reached the heights it aimed for, Kit Harington in offers a dramatic interpretation of one of history’s most cataclysmic events. Now available on Netflix, it’s a chance for audiences to witness the disaster of Pompeii through the lens of Hollywood.