Kim Kardashian Is Hosting Saturday Night Live And Fans Are Furious

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a polarizing figure. This is true of a lot of celebrities today, particularly those who are successful as reality television stars. Those who don’t want to watch reality television don’t really want to hear about the Kardashian family at every turn. There was a period where they were particularly difficult to avoid, and while some have figured out how, they do tend to pop up again and again, often in unexpected places. Recently, Saturday Night Live announced their lineup for the month of October when the show will return with new episodes. Fans were surprised when, low and behold, the name Kim Kardashian popped up in the middle of the lineup. She’ll be hosting SNL on October 9, 2021. Halsey will be the musical guest.

The reality television star announced the news for herself via her Twitter.

A lot of people weren’t sure where to look at the new lineup. Owen Wilson began trending on Twitter shortly after the announcement, as fans were excited to see the star take his turn as a first-time Saturday Night Live host. But then there was the Kim Kardashian of it all. Deadline revealed that she’d been spotted sharing a meal with the longtime showrunner Lorne Michaels, implying that perhaps these meetings led to her future appearance.

Debra Messing, known for her starring role in Will & Grace, took to Twitter to ask “Why Kim Kardashian?”. This was a question many were asking, but she expounded on the subject, saying that she acknowledges the Kardashian is a “cultural icon”, but says that normally stars are on the show to promote their work, work of a creative nature, like an album or movie. Kim Kardashian is currently promoting Skims, her underwear brand, and KKW Fragrance, her perfume company.

Following Debra Messing’s tweet, a number of outlets began reporting on Debra Messing “throwing shade” at the woman she called a cultural icon. Reports of Debra Messing slamming Kim Kardashian began to fill up the trending topics on Twitter, despite the fact that Messing’s comments sounded a lot nicer than the disappointment fans were tweeting about.

Choosing Kim Kardashian as a host isn’t the first time that Saturday Night Live has disappointed fans by choosing a guest host that isn’t really a performer. Recently, they chose Elon Musk as a host. A lot of the Saturday Night Live cast were not happy about this decision. The billionaire is a controversial figure. He’s associated with companies like Tesla and SpaceX. He’s also associated with comments he’s made about the Covid-19 pandemic. Whatever the case, Elon Musk’s episode had some of the highest ratings of the season he was on. He has a strong following of fans who love him and then those who want to see him fail. It’s possible that Saturday Night Live is hoping for something similar to happen with Kim Kardashian’s episode.

Interestingly, Kim Kardashian has been the butt of jokes on Saturday Night Live in the past. Apparently, that doesn’t bother her. It seems like a lot of people may be tuning in to see how she handles making jokes about herself this October, which may be exactly what the show’s hoping for.