Katee Sackhoff On Joining Star Trek

Katee Sackhoff has been had a role in so many science-fiction works over the years. Could Star Trek be next on the list for the actress?

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

katee sackoff star wars

If you heard that Katee Sackhoff had a life bucket list and that list involved just having some kind of role in every major science-fiction franchise to hit the screen, you’d completely believe it, right? More than any other actor and actress out there, she’s seemed to almost make it a point to be part of the genre in some fashion. And now that list is could grow even more. In a recent interview with Looper, Sackhoff expressed her interest in joining the Star Trek franchise. We need this to happen, folks, making the actress check off every box and become one of the true science-fiction icons of all time. 

In the Looper interview, Katee Sackhoff was asked a number of different questions about her career, specifically about her time playing different parts in iconic, science-fiction series and movies. She was asked if there were any other projects out there that interested her or that she’d like to join in with, in some respect. Her answer to the question about whether she was “dying” for a part was rather obvious, but telling nonetheless. She said, “I mean, I haven’t been in Star Trek. That seems to be the one that’s still there. That’s still there and still exists for the possibility.”

katee sackhoff battlestar galactica

The last part of the Katee Sackhoff statement is vague but telling. It would appear that the actress has maybe not only considered the possibility of joining Star Trek but maybe has even had active conversations around it. Saying the possibility exists means more than her just saying that she’d love to do. It would appear she’s been approached in some way or form that would make it even more like a reality than just saying she’d like to be considered for a part. In fact, in contrast to the rest of the interview, this was something she moved on from pretty quickly. Could there be much more to this? 

Of course, not many actors or actresses get asked specifically about the science-fiction genre and have a list of things they *haven’t* done. But not many of those folks are Katee Sackhoff. She got her breakout role as Starbuck Thrace in the iconic series Battlestar Galactica, cementing her status early as a badass fighter who was among the toughest that the world had to offer. 

And there is also a starring role in Netflix’s Another Life in which Katee Sackhoff plays Niko. She’s an astronaut and ship commander who is on the search for an intergalactic mystery involving aliens. Unfortunately, that show hasn’t received much in the way of critical acclaim, but it’s further evidence that she’s right at home in these parts. 

Katee Sackhoff has had a ton of other roles as well but continued the sci-fi run first in a voice role as Bo-Katan Kryze in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and then Rebels. Then she was able to take the character to the screen, appearing in Season 2 of The Mandalorian. There have been rumors of this character getting her own spin-off show in the universe which makes more than a little sense considering the trajectory of the franchise. 

So what’s next for Katee Sackhoff? She’s got all of the other science-fiction bases covered. Now it’s time for her to take over Star Trek as well.