Kaley Cuoco’s Best And Sexiest Big Bang Theory Outfits

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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For 12 seasons, Kaley Cuoco put a smile on our faces and a hitch in our giddy up as Penny in the hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. This is a far cry from what could have been, as the character Penny wasn’t even to be in the series, instead, she was to be named Katie. Cuoco wasn’t even considered for the part, it was set to go to Canadian actress, Amanda Walsh.

Thankfully for Cuoco and viewers, she got the part, and we got Penny and each and every sexy outfit she could slip into.

There are plenty of Kaley Cuoco’s Penny outfits we can look back on with a lascivious eye, but we have narrowed it down considerably. Take a look (and you’ll thank us) at some of her best and sexiest The Big Bang Theory outfits and let us know where you stand.

Kaley Cuoco’s Best And Sexiest Big Bang Theory Outfits

Cheesecake Factory Uniform

Before Kaley Cuoco’s Penny became a pharmaceutical sales rep, she was an aspiring actress who worked part-time waiting tables and tending bar at the Cheesecake Factory. We got to see Penny in her work attire a number of times and not once was it a bad look. This recurring outfit consisted of a pink dress and apron and she rocked it each and every time she wore it.

The Hillary Clinton Pantsuit

Kaley Cuoco didn’t always have to wear something skimpy to catch eyes. In fact, in one episode, Penny heads to a business event where she wears a pantsuit. Of course, her friends won’t let her live it down as they humorously refer to it as her “Hillary Clinton” outfit. She might be hiding everything that makes Penny, Penny, but she sure knows how to rock a pantsuit.

Please Whip Me

Viewers got a lot more than they bargained for in the episode where Kaley Cuoco dressed as a dominatrix to Leonard’s (Johnny Galecki) sex slave. Cuoco was literally falling out of her costume, something we are sure the higher-ups at CBS had a discussion or two about. The outfit eventually made it on air, much to the delight of Cuoco’s rabid fan base.

Orange is the New…Wow

Some claim this is Kaley Cuoco’s most iconic Penny outfit, her orange bikini. She turned many a head and may have helped along pre-pubescent young men with her hot bikini. Making matters worse (or better) is that Penny was sporting a new short bob hairdo. It was the perfect combination.

Her Barely There Outfit

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Star Trek: The Next Generation star Wil Wheaton appeared 17 times on The Big Bang Theory and one of those times he (along with us) got an eyeful of Kaley Cuoco. In one particular episode, Wheaton was in full costume while Cuoco stood around in a barely-there outfit consisting of a skimpy bikini top and bottoms with black gloves. We are sure this was another outfit the CBS bigwigs debated over in allowing her to wear it on air.

Wonder Woman Costume

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No one does it better. Not Lynda Carter and not Gal Gadot. When Kaley Cuoco jumps into the classic Wonder Woman costume for a Halloween party, she puts smiles on many a face. She even went so far as to slip on the black wig to complete her Wonder Woman ensemble. It was a great look for her.

Here Kitty, Kitty

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Once again, it is Halloween time and once again, Kaley Cuoco does not fail. In this spooky holiday episode, Cuoco’s Penny is looking quite pet-able in her skimpy cat outfit. It comes complete with a pink tail, barely-there bottoms, a long-sleeved bikini top, a pink choker, and pink cat ears, it is an outfit that needs to be admired, even from afar.