Jordan Peele’s Nope Trailer Raises Even More Terrifying Questions, See It Here

By Douglas Helm | 3 months ago

jordan peele nope

When Jordan Peele is releasing a new movie, people pay attention. A trailer for the latest movie from the brilliant mind behind Get Out and Us was just released, and it definitely opts to raise more questions than it answers. Check out the terrifying trailer for Nope below.

In an age where studios insist on giving us every little plot detail in the trailer, it’s refreshing to see one that keeps things plenty ambiguous. Jordan Peele is a master of surprise and suspense, so we’re happy to go into Nope knowing as little as possible. And we truly know very little. Plot details for Nope are being kept very hush-hush, and while the trailer gives us a look at some characters and the setting, we still have pretty much no idea what’s going on.

In the trailer for Nope, we see the Haywood Ranch in California, which Keke Palmer’s character introduces to us as the only Black-owned horse trainers in Hollywood. Daniel Kaluuya’s character is also prominently featured in the trailer, seemingly as the owner or one of the trainers of the ranch alongside Palmer’s character. There’s plenty of striking imagery present too, with those inflatable car-dealership things everywhere, lights going out, ominous clouds, and much more. It’s incredibly difficult to make out what could be happening in this movie, and that’s likely by Jordan Peele’s design. After all, who would want the plots of Get Out and Us spoiled for you before you got a chance to see it for yourself?

nope steven yeun

In addition to Daniely Kaluuya and Keke Palmer, Nope also stars Steven Yuen, Barbie Ferreira, Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea, Donna Mills, and more. Jordan Peele takes on directing duties along with penning the screenplay. The film is being produced by Peele’s company Monkeypaw Productions in collaboration with Universal Studios. Monkeypaw Productions has also had a hand (paw?) in several other notable films and series in past years, including the Candyman remake, the TV series Lovecraft Country, The Twilight Zone reboot, the Spike-Lee led BlacKkKlansman, and of course Peele’s own films.

Needless to say, we’re sure Jordan Peele’s latest effort is going to do well commercially and critically. Audiences will always flock to see a Peele project and Get Out and Us saw plenty of love from everyone who went to see them. Get Out is particularly notable with its Oscar nomination for Best Picture and its Oscar win for Best Original Screenplay. This was definitely a case of the Oscars getting it right because just a couple of months ago, the Writer’s Guild of America put the Get Out screenplay at the top of its list for Greatest Screenplays of the 21st Century. We can’t wait to see how the script for Nope turns out and the twists and turns that Peele has in store for us this time around.

If you’re as excited for Nope as the rest of us, you’ll have to wait just a little longer to see it. Nope is scheduled to hit theatres this summer, on July 22, 2022.