Jonathan Majors Just Dealt Another Major Blow In Abuse Case

The accuser in Jonathan Majors's abuse case has been granted a full protective order.

By Douglas Helm | Updated

jonathan majors

Variety reported on a new development in Marvel actor Jonathan Majors’ alleged assault case. His accuser has been granted a full temporary order of protection ahead of the actor’s May 9 court date. This order means that Majors and the other party must not have any direct or third-party contact until they appear in court.

During the original arraignment, the judge ordered a temporary order of protection that allowed both parties to maintain contact. After the full order of protection was issued, Jonathan Majors’ attorney Priya Chaudray made a statement saying  “This is standard in cases such as this, and we consented because Mr. Majors wants nothing to do with the woman who assaulted him.” Majors has denied the charges against him.

Jonathan Majors was arrested on March 25 and charged with assault and harassment after an alleged domestic dispute with a 30-year woman. According to the Manhattan district attorney’s complaint, Majors allegedly struck her in the face with an open hand, leading to the alleged victim sustaining minor injuries to her head and neck. Majors’ attorney claimed to have written statements from the woman where she recanted her statement, shared currently unverified text message screenshots to TMZ, and filed video evidence in attempts to prove Majors’ innocence.

Furthermore, Jonathan Majors’ attorney stated that she submitted a forensic opinion from a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Doctor and Trauma Specialist that would indicate that the injuries did not come from Majors. The alleged victim currently remains unnamed as the case progresses. Variety also reported that other alleged abuse victims have come forward to the D.A.’s office, which Majors has also disputed.

Although Jonathan Majors’ is still awaiting his day in court, there have been several developments in the fallout of the accusations. The first of which was the US Army dropping an ad campaign that featured Majors as well as a Texas Rangers MLB campaign for the 2023 season. Majors was also dropped from the film The Man in My Basement, an Otis Redding biopic adapted from the book by Walter Mosley.

Most recently, Deadline reported that Jonathan Majors was dropped by his talent management company Entertainment 360, and public relations firm The Lede Company. It remains to be seen if there will be more fallout from the accusations. For now, there have been no announcements regarding Majors’ other upcoming projects.

Jonathan Majors quickly skyrocketed to superstardom in recent years, with breakout performances in Loki, Creed III, and Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania. Majors also received critical praise and acclaim for his role in the bodybuilding drama Magazine Dreams at Sundance. That film was snapped up by Searchlight Pictures and is slated for a December release at this time.

The biggest question mark in Jonathan Majors’ career is his future with Marvel. As Kang the Conquerer, Majors was being set up as the next major Avengers villain in the MCU. Majors is set to reprise the role in Loki Season 2, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, and Avengers: Secret Wars.

Marvel and Disney have yet to comment on the allegations against Jonathan Majors. It seems likely that there won’t be any decisions made on that front until there is an official ruling. We’ll keep you updated on this case in the meantime.