Jonathan Majors Case Takes Dramatic Turn With New Evidence, How Long Until Disney Responds?

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Things aren’t looking great for Creed III and Marvel star Jonathan Majors as, on the eve of a big day in court, a new stack of evidence has been introduced by the prosecution team. According to Variety, the 115-page document reveals that prosecutors are attempting to get their hands on a report filed by the London Metropolitan Police from September 2022. Pertaining to the case already at hand, the police record allegedly bolsters domestic abuse allegations made against Majors by his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

A Similar Situation Between Majors And Grace Jabbari May Have Taken Place In London

For a memory refresher, Jonathan Majors found himself in some deep legal waters in March 2023 when he was brought up on allegations of assault and aggravated harassment in Manhattan. The charges came from his then-girlfriend, Jabbari, and started a shocking legal process that will kick into high gear this week. The new filings would point to medical records indicating that a similar situation took place in London, where Jabbari is a citizen, during the filming for the second season of Disney+ and Marvel’s Loki.

Jonathan Majors’ Team Has Attempted To Have The Case Dismissed

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The documents filed are somewhat of a Hail Mary by the prosecution as they’re hoping that the judge in today’s pre-trial ruling will take a serious look at these extra allegations and not throw Jonathan Majors’ case out the window. This comes after the defense team made a motion to dismiss the case, something that could very well still happen given the circumstances. With things in the judge’s hands, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is hopeful that this extra alleged occurrence will be exactly what they need to continue full steam ahead.

More Alleged Abuse Victims Speak Out Against Jonathan Majors

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Along with the new stack of documents from across the pond, the prosecution has also pointed to the idea that other alleged abuse victims are coming out of the woodwork to help bolster a case against Jonathan Majors. Along with the medical records that are allegedly in the U.K.-based filing, the prosecution team says that it also includes a slew of information that paints a dark shadow on Majors’ legal team.

Included in this bit of information is an allegation that the actor’s legal team leaked evidence and did everything that they could to make Jabbari look bad, including pushing the police department to craft a wanted poster with her face on it. 

The Text That Reportedly Started It All

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As for the incident that started it all, the prosecution has released their side of what they believe to have happened. In short, it would seem that Jonathan Majors and Grace Jabbari were taking a private car from a party in Brooklyn back to their Chelsea residence when Jabbari caught a glimpse of a troubling text on the actor’s phone. During her attempt to get a closer look and take the phone from him, an argument broke out that turned violent.

Disney Remains Silent

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Both Disney and Marvel have chosen to remain silent about this new batch of information and are likely to do so until further steps are taken one way or the other. With Season 2 of Loki now streaming on Disney+, both studios are essentially keeping their heads down and trying to trudge through, with the hope that audiences will look past Jonathan Majors’ alleged transgressions.

As for Majors’ future with the MCU as the new big-bad, Kang the Conqueror, things are still going as planned for now but could take a turn should the court ruling not be in his favor.