Jon Bernthal Returning As Punisher, Our Scoop Confirmed

Are you ready to see Jon Bernthal as Punisher again?

By Faith McKay | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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Marvel has the rights back to their characters from Netflix. Ever since, fans have wondered if they may see Jon Bernthal in the role again. A few months ago, we told you that our trusted insider shared Marvel’s plans to reboot Punisher and keep the same actor. Our scoop has now been confirmed. That Hashtag Show has shared that they, too, have heard that Marvel plans to reboot the series, and in the same way we previously shared. If you’ve been wanting to see Bernthal as Punisher again, it’s safe to get excited. Here’s what we know so far about their plans.

What we have confirmed for Disney’s plan is that they will be creating a new series for Jon Bernthal to play The Punisher. This new series won’t reference any content from the Netflix series. He’ll be the same character that we know. The anti-hero he’s always played. However, it will be a separate universe from what we saw on Netflix.

Jon Bernthal got started playing Punisher in Netflix’s show Daredevil. He proved to be a fan-favorite and so Netflix decided to give him his own show for streaming. Eventually, characters like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Punisher all had their show’s end and the rights to create stories for these characters went back to Marvel directly, which is owned by Disney.


You may notice a small problem here if you were wanting to see these characters again, because Disney has a family-friendly audience. Shows like Jessica Jones and Punisher have always had very adult themes. If there was hope for Disney to revive these shows, that would seem unlikely, since they wouldn’t fit into a Disney+ catalog. However, Disney also owns Hulu. There have been rumors that they intend to take more adult fare, like Punisher, and create a new series to stream on Hulu. We haven’t confirmed that part of the plan, but it sounds likely.

Another problem Disney may face as they bring Jon Bernthal back is in the logo department. The logo for Punisher has been used by many different causes over the years. Mostly, those causes have been tied to violence. For instance, the logo appeared at the Capitol Riots, worn by rioters. The actor spoke out against that. In recent years, there has been discussion about changing the logo since it has built such a violent following. It may be necessary to change that up for the reboot of the series.

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While Jon Bernthal hasn’t hinted at his return for Disney’s new Punisher series yet, it can be assumed that he is bursting with excitement to tell fans. The actor has always been open that he would love to return to the character. He’s also said that he would like to see Frank Castle on screen again, with or without him. He’s been passionate about his work on this project. It sounds like he may be also be appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now that Disney has the rights to his character, so he can easily appear in the MCU. This means the possibility of Punisher and Deadpool meeting up in a film is entirely possible. In fact, anything is now that everything is under one studio.

When can we expect to see The Punisher return to the screen? That still remains unseen, as this inside information is still in the early stages. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as more news comes out.