John Krasinski Not Returning To The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

John Krasinski was dream cast as Reed Richards in the MCU, but his appearance in Doctor Strange 2 might have been a one-off.

By James Brizuela | Published

john krasinski

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness graced movie screens about a month and a half ago, and fans were elated to find out that John Krasinski had been cast in a dream role. The man appeared as a variant of Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four. This led to plenty of speculation that Krasinski was the choice to not only lead the new MCU version of the team but possibly direct the film as well. However, Sam Raimi believes that his appearance in the MCU was a one-off. According to Raimi, “It’s so funny that [Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige] cast John because the fans had a dream of who the perfect Reed Richards would be.” He added, “And because this is an alternate universe, I think Kevin said, ‘Let’s make that dream come true.’ I’ve always really enjoyed all of his performances.'”

However, Raimi seems to think that John Krasinski was only a temporary dream casting for fans and Kevin Fiege, but it won’t happen again. At least, that is how the comments are being construed currently. Marvel is currently working on a reboot of the Fantastic Four, which has been a long time coming, but that might not involve Krasinski. Marvel is good at keeping their secrets though, so we might be being told one thing, then seeing something completely different. The hope is that Krasinski will be involved. Clearly, Kevin Fiege is a fan of the man, so he might be trying to entice the actor to return for an extended period.

John Krasinski is quite busy, as he is the voice of Superman in the new DC League of Super-Pets movie, which is set to debut on July 29th. He is then setting his sights on a new film that he wrote and will be directing called, Imaginary Friends. Nothing is known about the plot currently, but he has brought along Steve Carell and Ryan Reynolds. We can imagine that the film is going to be a comedy. Also, we are all patiently waiting to see A Quiet Place Part III. He seems to have quite a packed schedule for the foreseeable future, so it might not be the right time for the man to enter the MCU. However, Raimi might be trying to throw fans off the idea of Krasinski appearing as Reed Richards as well.

The Fantastic Four have not yet appeared in the MCU, apart from the John Krasinski cameo. The former films were all made by Fox and have received varying reviews in terms of critical and commercial success. However, the MCU has established itself as one of the best in terms of storytelling. We need a new take on the team, one that can possibly bring in a good Dr. Doom. Doom is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe, and the MCU needs a new powerful villain. Although Kang the Conqueror might be next in line, he is not as popular or powerful as Doom is.

We hope to see this new Fantastic Four bring in some actors that are worthy to carry the mantle of a team that should be placed near the level of the Avengers. We also hope that John Krasinski will be Reed Richards. Despite Sam Raimi’s comments about the cameo, we hope that Krasinski takes full control of the role.