Steve Carell And John Krasinski Are Teaming-Up Again For New Movie

By Carolyn Jenkins | 4 months ago

steve carell john krasinski

For the first time since NBC’s phenomenon The Office concluded in 2013, Steve Carell and John Krasinski will be reunited. The workplace comedy was notable for its uncomfortable situations and caused the two actors to reach household fame. Now over a decade later, the former co-stars are united for the same project, though not exactly as expected. Krasinski has recently found success as a horror director. He wrote and starred in A Quiet Place, a post-apocalyptic series where the world is overrun with monsters that can track victims through sound. 

John Krasinski will be donning the director’s hat once again in the new film. Entitled IF, the story is written by Krasinski and described as a journey for a child to rediscover their imagination (via Deadline). Krasinski does not appear to be acting in the venture and solely working behind the camera. IF promises a star studded cast including Steve Carell in an unspecified role. Casting news continues to roll out and Krasinski couldn’t be happier. In a recent tweet, the director celebrated the casting of Ryan Reynolds, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fiona Shaw and up and coming young actor Alan Kim, among others.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has gained recent success in front of and behind the camera. Her show for Amazon Prime was an adaptation of her one woman show (via Slate). Fleabag ran for 2 seasons and vacillated from hilarious to heartbreaking at a moment’s notice. She also teamed up with Fiona Shaw in Killing Eve. Waller-Bridge adapted the spy series while Shaw portrays British spy Carolyn (via Variety). Waller-Bridge has also lent her talents in the latest James Bond film as a writer (per Indie Wire). With the inclusion of Steve Carell in the casting, IF looks to be a promising endeavor.

Though John Krasinski has leaned away from his comedy roots, Steve Carell has continued to further his humorous brand. Most recently the actor has starred in the satirical Netflix series Space Force. Entering into season 2, Space Force is a reference to the military branch of the same name introduced by Donald Trump. Though not a direct influence, Esquire notes that the similarities are only “eerily timed.”

Steve Carell plays General Mark Naird as he comes into control of the space branch of the military. In his new position, he encounters a whacky cast of characters as he tries to get the new government branch off the ground. Carell is joined by John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, and Jimmy O. Yang in a series full of humor aimed at the US government. The first season aired in 2020 and became a spiritual descendant of workplace comedies such as The Office and Parks and Rec. And while the cast was impressive, Space Force failed critically.

Season 2 of Space Force will air in February to hopefully better results. And if that fails, Steve Carell will always have a place in pop culture. Though information on the upcoming film IF is vague, updates will continue to follow. Viewers can look forward to the film when it is set to release in the fall of 2023.