John Goodman Just Got Righteous News On Next Season Of His Hit Show

A hit HBO series, starring John Goodman as one of its leading characters, has been renewed for a third season. This is great news.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Updated

john goodman

For fans of John Goodman, the year 2022 has been off to a great start. The second season of the hit HBO black comedy series, The Righteous Gemstones, starring the actor as Dr. Eli Gemstone, the patriarch of the Gemstone family, recently debuted on the network. And while fans are busy devouring the weekly episodes of Season 2 (of which only four episodes have aired till now), it has been officially announced that the series will be getting a third season as well!

As reported by TVLine, HBO has renewed the John Goodman starrer for a third season midway through the second season, which still has five episodes left. Amy Gravitt, HBO’s executive vice president of programming has expressed her elation at the news. She admitted that there was never any doubt about The Righteous Gemstones’ return for its third season given its supremely engaging storyline made of “literal fire and brimstone, blood, sand and rollerblading.” “The Gemstone family makes us laugh like nobody else,” she added.

Series creator Danny McBride, who also stars as John Goodman’s character’s eldest son in the show, had always planned on running The Righteous Gemstones “longer than anything we’ve done before.” He wanted to make an “epic, sprawling tale” and looks like McBride’s wish is on its way to being fulfilled. Recently, he sat down for a chat with Newsweek post the series’ Season 3 renewal and shared that he loves working with the cast as well as writing the show’s unique storyline. He assured that as long as they can maintain this positive and enthusiastic mindset around the show’s creation, he is up for many more seasons. 

Like his on-screen son, John Goodman too has expressed his willingness to continue playing the part of Eli Gemstone. Apart from being a part of The Righteous Gemstones’ main cast, Goodman is also leading the ABC sitcom, The Conners, as the beloved character Dan Conners. But despite his busy schedule, the actor has shared in a chat with Newsweek, that he can see himself being a part of the HBO series for years as “If I’m gonna loiter on a set for five years, I think these are the finest people to loiter with.”

The Season 3 renewal of The Righteous Gemstones doesn’t come as a surprise as the show has been the favorite of critics since its debut. The series’ first season holds a 75% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes with critics praising the cast’s performance, especially Danny McBride and John Goodman. The second season has an even better standing on the review aggregator website with a 93% critic score. Given the popularity of the show, it was only a matter of time before HBO renewed it for a third season. 

As of now, HBO has not confirmed the returning cast for The Righteous Gemstones Season 3. The currently airing season stars Danny McBride, Edi Patterson, Adam DeVine, John Goodman, Cassidy Freeman, Tony Cavalero, and Tim Baltz as the main cast while Jason Schwartzman, Eric Roberts, and Eric André have joined the series as recurring characters. While these official confirmations will be revealed eventually, now is the time to focus on the fifth episode of the series, titled “Interlude II,” which is all set to release on HBO on January 30, 2022.