HBO Rebooting One Of Its Most Surprising Series?

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago


In this day and age of content creation with streamers and networks all searching for more and more stories to tell, no reboot is off the table. And even if the last iteration of the story came out just a few years ago, that doesn’t matter all that much. As long as it had traction the first time around then there is a chance we get it back in some other form sooner than later. That could be the case with the Lena Dunham-led Girls on HBO. The writer and actress recently came out and said she had an interest in a Girls reboot for the network. 

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about a couple of projects she has coming out this year, Lena Dunham did speak at length about her time working on, starring in, and creating Girls for HBO. Considering it was the show that launched her into stardom, it stands as the jumping-off point for her career. And in discussing this, it came up in the interview that she had informal talks with HBO about revisiting the series in some fashion. This was somewhat couched around another high-profile series return and reboot on the same network. That would be And Just Like That, the series that’s revisiting the crew from Sex and the City

HBO has said that they didn’t have any immediate plans for a Girls reboot, but if it is on Lena Dunham’s mind then there is some chance we see a return to this particular group of characters sometime in the future. It seems as if both sides agree that the time might not be totally correct to get back into that story, but down the line we could see something work out to catch up with the original group way off down the line, to see where some of their stories headed. 

hbo girls reboot

Lena Dunham created Girls back in 2012 and it ran for six seasons on HBO. The core and original cast included Dunham as Hannah and her three friends Marnie (Allison Williams), Jessa (Jemima Kirke), and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) as they navigated New York City in their mid-20s. The show also introduced Adam Driver as, well, Adam, Hannah’s on-again, off-again boyfriend on the series. It was equal parts comedy and melodrama, wrapping its stories in the insecurities the characters have around relationships, future plans, short-term goals, and the world of just having to grow up. Dunham and Driver both were nominated for multiple Emmys in their respective roles, though neither ever took one home. It also had multiple nominations for Best Comedy Series. 

While a Girls reboot on HBO might not be happening in the short term, Lena Dunham does have a couple of other projects coming out this year. One is Sharp Stick which Dunham wrote and directed. She will have a part in the production as well. It is a personal story about a woman who has a hysterectomy earlier in life. This will, in some ways, mirror what Dunham has gone through in her own life. The other will be Catherine, Called Birdy which she also wrote, directed, and will star in.