See John Cena In Hilarious Behind The Scenes Video For The Suicide Squad

John Cena is in a hilarious behind the scenes video for The Suicide Squad.

By Annie Banks | Published

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James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad was released last month, and after its release, it brought about an overflow of behind-the-scenes content from the cast and crew. Some of the cast members joined Gunn for a watch party on Twitter where they shared facts about the making of the movie, including John Cena. In one of Gunn’s latest videos, the Peacemaker actor reveals he might have a problem with a very specific type of cuisine.

James Gunn has been keeping his social media stocked up with off-screen content with most of his posts featuring John Cena as Peacemaker. One of Gunn’s latest posts shares Cena reacting to eating one too many empanadas. You can watch the actor’s hilarious confession below.

Thirty-six may be too many empanadas for some people, but John Cena did it. Though, it seems, there were uncomfortable consequeneces. James Gunn posted the video to this personal account, which shows John Cena and Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag) joking about Peacemaker’s inevitable, empanada-prompted regret.

John Cena’s Peacemaker is confirmed to return to active duty, as indicated in the post-credit scenes of The Suicide Squad. A solo series that will explore the details of Peacemaker’s origin has been ordered as an HBO Max exclusive and has attached James Gunn to the project as a producer, writer of all eight episodes, and a director for five of them himself. James Gunn said that Peacemaker will dip further into where John Cena’s character came from. Robert Patrick has been cast as Auggie Smith, an abusive father, and will add more context to the shared experiences between Peacemaker and Bloodsport.

The Suicide Squad writer-director mentioned that there’s a moment within The Suicide Squad that marks the “seed” of the Peacemaker series, when Ratcatcher II and Bloodsport (Idris Elba) are talking about their past. After Bloodsport describes what his father was like, there is a cut to John Cena, who nods in understanding. Peacemaker was introduced into DC Comics in 1966 as plainly named Christopher Smith took on the mantle that has been noted for its mockery of the Captain America archetype. On Twitter, James Gunn opened up about the climactic fight between Rick Flag and Peacemaker, which includes a memorable shot of the battle reflected in the vigilante’s chromatic helmet.

In The Suicide Squad, John Cena’s Peacemaker declares that he loves peace so much that he’ll kill men, women, and children to achieve it. Cena teases the lack of dedication from characters that Peacemaker parodies, in this case, Superman, in a Tweet calling back to one of his most extreme lines.

John Cena implies through his Tweet that Superman would be unwilling to do the same for the sake of bringing peace about to wherever most needed it, and while it makes for a ridiculous claim, it’s an excellent display of the level of theatrical patriotism that makes up Peacemaker’s facade. The first three episodes of HBO Max’s Peacemaker will premiere January 16, 2022.