See Jensen Ackles Mid Fight Scene As Soldier Boy For The Boys Season 3

Amazon Prime’s The Boys has just dropped a photo of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy, front and center amidst the post-battle devastation.

By Jason Collins | Published

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Amazon Prime’s The Boys has just dropped a photo of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy, front and center amidst the post-battle devastation. The post follows The Boys Season 3 first-look video, and reveals the Supe in a full costume, along with his shield in his left arm, ready to face whatever’s coming his way. Admittedly, there are some differences in the costume, but considering that the show distances itself from the original narrative with each passing episode, that’s not all too surprising. Or worse, to be honest.

You can see Jensen Ackles in the middle of the devastation of The Boys season 3 in the photo below.

Jensen Ackles The Boys Season 3
Jensen Ackles in The Boys Season 3 / Credit: Amazon Prime, via Collider

According to Collider, it’s quite obvious that Jensen Ackles’ Solider Boy is Ennis’ parody version of Marvel’s Captain America, and much like the first Avenger, Soldier Boy is considered the world’s very first superhero who rose to fame after battling through World War 2. Soldier Boy doesn’t have any Homelander-like abilities, and instead of flying or shooting lasers from his eyes, he’s gifted with the Steve Rodgers treatment — superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes, and speed. This granted him the ability to duck and dodge an incoming attack, whether they were hand-to-hand assaults or clouds of bullets speeding past his head. Of course, his shield also plays a vital role in keeping him alive, besides being a weapon in combat. 

jensen ackles the boys season 3

We can expect to see Soldier Boy as part of Team Payback, a group of superheroes whose members aspire to become members of the Seven, though fans speculate of his changing allegiances. Jensen Ackles, the actor, set to portray Soldier Boy, was cast after stepping off a very successful 15-seasons run in Supernatural, an iconic TV show that ended in November 2020. Eric Kripke, the creator of The Boys television series, also happened to have created Supernatural, so Ackles being cast as Soldier Boy has been the reunion of the actor and the creator. Luckily, the show finally got its release date, and Prime Video will release the first three episodes on June 3. Following the premiere, subsequent episodes will release weekly, culminating with a season finale on July 8.

But this isn’t the only news surrounding Jensen Ackles’ new show. Just a few days back, Nick Weschler was announced as the Blue Hawk through Vought News Network: 7 on Seven with Cameron Coleman, spoof news set within The Boys universe, under the direct guidance of its parent company — Vought Industries. Laurie Holden is also set to appear in The Boys season 3 as Crimson Countess, another member of Team Payback. And, of course, just like all popular releases nowadays, The Boys are getting a spin-off series.

There was also some talk about a video game adaptation, though that might’ve been Amazon’s attempt to reignite and increase the viewers’ interest in the show, which directly correlates with Amazon Prime’s desires to expand while recreating the show’s success. And considering just how much traction their gaming subscription service has been gaining due to free gaming releases, an adaptation of The Boys doesn’t seem so far-fetched.