The Boys Spinoff Series Fills In The Story Between Season 2 & 3, See The First Episode

By Jason Collins | 4 weeks ago

the boys homelander antony starr

It’s been nine months since The Boys series concluded its second season, with season three announced to release later this year. In the meantime, Amazon just dropped a surprise on the series’ fandom by releasing the opening episode of its new spin-off series presented in the form of news from the show’s Vought News Network.

The very first episode of the new spin-off series, Vought News Network: Seven On 7, just dropped on YouTube through the official Vaught International channel. It’s a digital series that fills the narrative gap between season two and the upcoming season three, with actor Matthew Edison starring as the VNN’s Seven On 7 anchor Cameron Coleman – also set to appear in the third season of The Boys. Each episode of the new filler series will be posted online on the 7th of each month, with seven new stories and one commercial block that fills the backstories from previous seasons.

The first Seven On 7 episode, or rather a news segment, picks up right at the ending of season two, with Homelander nowhere to be found since his fallout with Stormfront, while the US government prevents supersoldiers from joining the Armed Forces. Starlight’s music video is still topping the charts, while several other superheroes still elude the public’s eye. Naturally, these headlines are presented by the news anchor, Cameron Coleman, in a viciously satirical manner, commenting on Hughie Campbell’s employment by the government, stating that the government will hire just about anybody.

Vought’s propaganda arm – as it’s called by The Boys showrunner Erik Kripke, has been a crucial part of the show from its very beginnings. Its purpose, as a spin-off, is to act as a teaser for the upcoming third season of the show, which will dig deeper into the fair and well-balanced patriots (pun intended) who misuse their powers. As such, they act as a teaser and a filler that bridges the gap between seasons two and three by serving in-world, canonical information. Each episode will drop more information about the upcoming season, helping to tide over the fandom, until the third season finally arrives, supposedly towards the end of 2021.

The Boys premiered in July 2020, receiving critical acclaim on various counts, most notably the series’ writing, humor, cast performance, and storyline, which follows the greed and corruption behind the superhero industrial complex, throwing cultural obsessions back into society’s face. It earned an average rating of 7.65/10, showing great promise with Amazon renewing the series for a second season even before the season one finale. Needless to say, the second season performed wonderfully and toppled the first season’s ratings, prompting Amazon to develop the spin-off series and The Boys video game alongside the third season of the main show.


Besides Seven On 7, The Boys spawned other spin-offs, which are currently in various stages of development. The G-Men spin-off is centered on a superhero college, which is clearly a parody of the X-Men. Another in-universe adult-themed spin-off, conveniently named Supe Porn, has been produced in full but awaits Prime Video’s approval for upload. Admittedly, those sound fun, but we’ll stick to Seven on 7 before season three of The Boys drops.