The Boys Video Game In The Works?

Amazon has heavily hinted that a video game for The Boys is coming. Here's what happened.

By Jason Collins | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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The official The Boys Twitter account recently tweeted asking its fandom what the show’s gaming adaptation should look like, igniting a wildfire of speculation that a The Boys themed video game could be in the works. But if the history of entertainment ventures has taught us anything it’s that gaming adaptations of popular television and cinematic releases don’t always perform as well, begging the following question: would Amazon dare?

You can see the tweet from The Boys official account below.

A video game adaptation of The Boys has possibly been teased by the TV show’s official Twitter handle, asking its followers about how a video game based on the show should look like, inciting a flood of response from the community. Sony perhaps made one of the better responses to the original tweet.

But, of course, this could be just an attempt to increase the viewers’ interest and reignite conversations about the show, which also correlates nicely with Amazon Prime’s desires to expand the franchise in hopes of spawning more entries to recreate the show’s success. And what better way to do so than make a video game?

Amazon Prime’s adaptation of The Boys comic book premiered in July 2019 and performed exceptionally well with the audience, earning an average rating of 7.65/10, encouraging Amazon Prime Video to order two additional seasons of the show. In fact, the third season was ordered before the second season even premiered. The series second season came out swinging even harder, earning an average rating of 8.03/10, which only prompted Amazon to consider developing a spin-off series, along with the main series’ season three, and consider other mediums on which it can expand The Boys universe.

And though there’s no explicit, official mention of the game being developed, The Boys has a reputation for mysterious and twisty teasers, so a video game might be one of the storytelling mediums Amazon considers down the road. But, unfortunately, movies and television releases don’t always get along with their video game adaptations, and vice versa. The Super Mario Bros. movie, though now extended, is a perfect example of just how bad that relationship might be. However, the recent success of Netflix’s Castlevania and The Witcher series, both of which are based on video games, might push Amazon towards making The Boys video game.

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It’s undisputed that video games are the hot new entertainment commodity, though admittedly they have been so for the past decade or more, as they make for great TV shows. While, shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead have inspired several video game series, only the slightest glimmer of hope is being glimpsed by the fandom of The Boys series and comics with this small tease. In the end, the story’s brutal premise and comic background promise an intense gaming experience if done and developed correctly. 

And while it’s true that there’s no official confirmation about The Boys video game in active development, there’s no denying Amazon’s keen interest in expanding the franchise’s universe, given the announced spin-off series’ development and the upcoming season three of the show. So maybe they’re testing the waters. Judging by the fandom’s reaction, the water temperature seems fine.