See Jensen Ackles In Full Soldier Boy Costume In The Boys

Jensen Ackles is in costume for The Boys season 3, and he looks different! See the official photo.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Since the moment Jensen Ackles was cast in The Boys season three, fans have wanted to see him in costume. If there was any doubt about this, the showrunner Eric Kripke would be fast to put it to rest. He recently mentioned in a tweet that his mentions get clogged by fans demanding to see Ackles as Soldier Boy. Now, finally, the demands are no longer necessary. We have our first look at Ackles in costume as Soldier Boy, and it’s wildly different from the comics.

Take a look at the official photo from Amazon below.

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Entertainment Weekly got to speak with showrunner Eric Kripke about the third season of The Boys and what we can expect from Jensen Ackles and the rest of the cast. The team will be exploring the history of the Supes in the show. This will also mean diving into the history of the United States. Soldier Boy is a great character to add to tell that story. The character is known for many things, but among them is a dedication to the United States. His patriotism is both serious and humorous, which fits the tone of the show perfectly. For example, the Soldier Boy we’ve seen in the comics has been known to recite the names of states as a way to remind himself what he’s fighting for.

His original costume, then, was heavily influenced by the flag of the United States. It’s interesting how the new costume for Jensen Ackles veers far away from this previous look. He still has a star on his chest, but it’s so small you could miss it. His new costume is green, not blue. Jensen Ackles looks more camouflaged than like a US flag.

While the new suit for Jensen Ackles is clearly very different from what we’ve seen in the comics for Soldier Boy, it’s also a much more modern take. The comics version is almost a parody, while the suit we’re seeing on Ackles, as designed by Laura Jean Shannon, takes on a “sleek new direction”, notes Eric Kripke.

Jensen Ackles shared this photo on his Instagram, and captioned it by saying that he loves his new suit. He’s worked hard to get into it. He’s shared training videos previously that show him getting ripped so he was ready to fill out Soldier Boy’s new costume.

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Fans of Supernatural are often aware that Eric Kripke was the creator of that series. Many of them have followed him to Amazon for The Boys, and so have been eager to see more of their favorite actors from Supernatural to appear. This has led to extra fan enthusiasm to see what Jensen Ackles does in his new role, which is likely a lot of pressure for the team currently filming the series. Fans have also been loud about wanting to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan, another former Supernatural star, appear on The Boys. Despite tweets saying Morgan wants in, it seems like that’s still just a possibility for a future season.

Currently, the hope is that we’ll be seeing The Boys season three premiere on Amazon in late 2021, though nothing official has been announced yet. The show is currently filming and they’re giving us our first sneak peeks, which will hopefully mean we’ll be getting more concrete updates soon.