Jason Statham Starring In Action Movie Written By Sylvester Stallone

By Kevin C. Neece | Published

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The new action movie Levon’s Trade, written by Sylvester Stallone, will star Jason Statham and begin shooting next year. According to Deadline, the new film is being produced by Black Bear and BlockFilm, the new production company of Bill Block, former CEO of Miramax. The action movie is set to be directed by Suicide Squad director David Ayer.

Jason Statham And Sylvester Stallone Previously Worked Together In The Expendables Franchise

This is hardly the first time Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone have worked together, with both venerable action stars appearing in all four Expendables movies. Stallone has also co-written all but the most recent installment in that franchise, having also directed the first in 2010. His most recent screenwriting credits before Levon’s Trade were Creed II and Rambo: Last Blood, in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

The Movie Is Based On The Levon’s Trade Book Series

When Jason Statham was just 10 years old, Sylvester Stallone was already nominated for an Oscar for his 1977 screenplay for Rocky, which rocketed him to stardom and won the Academy Award for Best Picture that year. This latest writing effort from the legendary action star is based on a novel, also called Levon’s Trade, written by Chuck Dixon. The novel’s lead character, Levon Cade, has since appeared in 10 subsequent novels in the popular thriller series.

Jason Statham Portrays Cade, A Formers Black Ops Agent

Before Jason Statham became involved with the project, Sylvester Stallone had begun developing Levon’s Trade as a TV series through his Balboa Productions, named for the character of Rocky Balboa. Statham will star as Cade who, in the movie, is trying to move on with his life as a construction worker after leaving the dangerous and deadly world of black ops work behind.

However, when Jenny, the teenage daughter of his employer, turns up missing, Cade is once again called upon to draw on the talents and abilities he honed in his previous life.

Will Sylvester Stallone Appear Alongside Jason Statham Again?

So far, it is not known whether Sylvester Stallone will be appearing in Levon’s Trade alongside Jason Statham, but production is set to begin next year with the production team currently eyeing a March 2024 start for filming. That team includes Ayer and Chris Long of Cedar Park Entertainment, along with Statham and Stallone for Punch Palace Productions and Balboa Productions, respectively. Joining them will be John Friedberg of Black Bear and Bill Block of BlockFilm.

Before teaming up with Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham for this film, Bill Block made a surprising exit from Miramax. Having previously worked with David Ayer on the film Fury and with Statham on a number of other projects, Block is enthusiastic about the Levon’s Trade project. The three also worked together recently on the forthcoming film The Beekeeper.

Expendables 5 Is Being Developed Without Stallone

Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham have become quite the pair following their decade-plus collaboration on the Expendables franchise. It has been announced that there will be an Expendables 5, even though the latest release has fared quite poorly at the box office and with critics and the new movie will be moving forward without Stallone. We’re hoping this new film will be able to pull Statham and Stallone out of the slump they’re currently in.