Jason Momoa Is Angering Locals On The Set Of His New Series

By Matthew Creith | Published

jason momoa

Actor Jason Momoa has been making the news lately after a series of appearances where the DC Universe star stripped down to reveal a traditional Hawaiian malo on live television. But the Aquaman actor has been in the midst of promoting his newest film Slumberland, while also filming the new television series Chief of War for Apple TV+. TMZ reports that while filming the show, locals around the Hawaiian set have been angered by the series’ closing of a local farmer’s market because filming is taking place.

The manager of the shut down Kaimu Farmer’s Market on Hawaii’s Big Island detailed to TMZ about how upset residents are that the Jason Momoa television show is causing problems for the area, noting that the production has not reimbursed the vendors of the market for lost wages due to the shut down. They were all apparently told by the property manager that the market needed to be closed on December 3rd only, but now that has changed to several days next month. As the vendors and the market itself are leasing the space, the property manager has ultimate say in the matter, and has chosen to let Chief of War take over for the time being.

The farmer’s market in question is only open on Saturdays and 76 vendors in the area rely on the market to attract business. The filming of Jason Momoa’s new Apple TV+ series will take place in the space on two consecutive Saturdays in December, meaning that many of these vendors and the market won’t be open during a busy holiday season for half the month. Unfortunately for the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom actor, many of the vendors are blaming Jason Momoa for the hassle, accusing him of losing touch with his roots.

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa was born in Hawaii and established an acting career early in life by starring on Baywatch: Hawaii for several seasons in the early aughts. He gained worldwide fame when he was cast as Khal Drago in the first season of the hit HBO television show Games of Thrones, before being thrust into the titular role in 2018’s Aquaman. Momoa has played the superhero in several projects for the DC Universe, including in the films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, and the upcoming Aquaman sequel.

Chief of War is co-created and executive produced by Jason Momoa, upon which he will star as KaŹ»iana in the historical drama about the colonization of Hawaii from the point of view of the indigenous people. The limited series will also feature some well-known actors over the course of nine episodes, including Temuera Morrison who played Momoa’s character’s father in Aquaman. Temuera Morrison recently starred in two Disney+ series as the legendary Star Wars character Boba Fett, The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, both of which have been renewed for additional seasons at the subscription streaming platform.