Jason Momoa Starring In New Series Chief Of War

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

jason momoa

Jason Momoa has made his bones in Hollywood playing warrior-types on the big and small screen. Considering his look, frame, and just general aura, this kind of casting makes a ton of sense and we are likely to see him in these kinds of roles for years to come. Now, he has another one in the works with a chance for the actor to return to the place of his birth. He’s heading to Hawaii to tell the story of that island and this time getting a chance to handle the script as well. Deadline has it that Jason Momoa will write and star in Apple TV+’s Chief of War. 

Chief of War is set to be an eight-part limited series about the unification and eventual colonization of Hawaii. It’s not 100% clear the exact timeline the series will deal with, though presumably, this could be in the early 1800s after some explorers like James Cook made their way to the islands. Jason Momoa will star in the series and is likely to be one of the leaders of the group fighting against those coming to Hawaii, though that much remains to be seen. The early log lines for the series mention that it will be told from the indigenous point of view. 

Jason Momoa originally hails from Hawaii, having been born in Honolulu. He is handling the script here along with Thomas Pa’a Sibbett. The two have worked together before with Sibbett on as screenwriter for Jason Momoa movies Braven and the upcoming The Last Manhunt. For Momoa, this will be his first writing credit on the television side, a major moment for the actor in helping to bring this series to fruition. Doug Jung who penned Star Trek Beyond and The Cloverfield Paradox along with having a hand in episodes of Banshee, Big Love, and Dark Blue will be on as showrunner. 

jason momoa

 And this isn’t the only thing Jason Momoa has going with Apple TV+. He also stars in the series See for the streamer, It’s a science fiction story about a future society in which humans have all lost the ability to see, the aftereffects of a deadly virus centuries before. Momoa plays Baby Voss, a leader of a tribe who may just have someone with the actual gift of sight, a deadly offense in this new world. The first season of the show didn’t land all that well with critics, but the second, which was released back in August of last year, picked it up on that front, scoring 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

While Jason Momoa does have some movies in the works coming out over the next year, none will be bigger than when we finally get a return to Atlantis with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The highly-anticipated sequel will bring Momoa back as Arthur Curry/ Aquaman along with Amber Heard as Queen Mera and Yahya Abdul-Mateen as Black Mantis. The first movie in the DC franchise was a massive blockbuster, scoring nearly $1.15 billion at the global box office. The sequel is set to release in theaters about a year from now on March 17, 2023. We will wait on word around the timing for Chief of War which is likely to ramp up production soon.