Jason Blum Reveals Bizarre Costume For Blumhouse Halloween Party

Producer Jason Blum dresses as the creepy doll from M3gan for Halloween.

By Jennifer Asencio | Published

Jason Blum, the creative mind behind horror powerhouse Blumhouse Productions, has revealed his costume for the scariest day of the year. In a post on Twitter, the producer is pictured in a new costume that disguises him as the titular character of the upcoming sci-fi horror movie M3GAN. Even Jason Blum seems a little scared of his Halloween appearance!

The movie is about a little girl and her android companion, the latter of whom becomes very protective of her fleshy friend. Trailers for M3GAN have generated a lot of buzz even though the movie isn’t due out until January 2023. So has other marketing, including a Twitter war between M3GAN and Chucky of Child’s Play fame over which doll is the better companion.

jason blum
From M3gan

It’s surprising that Annabelle hasn’t joined the Twitter storm, because creepy dolls are an institution in horror. There is even science to back up why these murderous mannequins scare us so much. Part of it is seeing these lifeless toys moving around and killing, but part of it is also tied to innocence and childhood.

With hundreds of credits to his name that are horror movies involving kids, Jason Blum is no stranger to the horrors that haunt our childhood dreams. Among his credits are Sinister, the Paranormal Activity franchise, and the Ouija movies, all of which are about children and teenagers being terrorized by supernatural forces, drawing on some of the most famous scares of all time. A terrifying android doll is very much in Jason Blum’s wheelhouse.

Being the CEO of one of the most prolific horror studios today also means holding up a certain scary standard. Just this year, Blumhouse Productions has had several of the most anticipated horror films to be released, including The Black Phone and Halloween Ends. As if punctuating the influence Blumhouse Productions has on the genre, the EPIX series Blumhouse’s Compendium of Horror examines horror films throughout the history of cinema.

Dressing up as M3GAN upholds Jason Blum’s reputation as a name in the horror industry, and also gives him a frightening countenance for the spooky holiday. The costume is available from different markets, but it should come as no surprise that a horror mogul has access to a special effects department that can really enhance the costume with makeup. The entire costume shows that Jason Blum is really excited about the upcoming movie.

M3GAN stars Allison Williams, known for Get Out, as an engineer who designs a companion for her niece, played by Violet McGraw, a young lady also known for the spooky ghost series The Haunting of Hill House. M3GAN herself is played by two actresses, Amie Donald as the body of the doll and Jenna Davis as its voice. The movie is directed by Gerard Johnstone, based on a script by Akela Cooper.

M3GAN comes out in theaters on January 6, 2023, but hopefully Jason Blum’s “M3GAN 2.0” will be on the producer’s social media in celebration of Halloween. Meanwhile, horror fans can prepare to be scared by catching The Black Phone and Halloween Ends on Peacock or Blumhouse’s Compendium of Horror on EPIX.