Howard Stern Has Picked A Superstar Actor As His Presidential Running Mate

Radio personality Howard Stern has doubled down on his Presidential aspirations and named an Academy Award-nominee as his running mate.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

howard stern

The question of how weird the American political situation can get continues to get answered, as radio personality and large-hair-haver Howard Stern has doubled down on his Presidential aspirations. In a recent episode of his Sirius XM satellite show The Howard Stern Show, Stern announce that he had selected his running mate for the 2024 Presidential Election: actor/director Bradley Cooper. According to Entertainment Weekly, Howard Stern revealed that he had been texting with the director and star of A Star is Born, who told him that he “had his vote.”

bradley cooper
Bradley Cooper

Howard Stern went on to say that he asked Bradley Cooper how he felt about potentially being his running mate in a campaign to be elected the chief executive of the United States of America. Stern then claimed that Bradley Cooper immediately accepted, but also warned that he was “another white male;” presumably this was either a joke or the two were leaning into the idea that being a white male is a detriment to being elected to public office. In actuality, although white men make up only 30% of the population of the United States, they hold some 62& of elected offices in the country. So, probably not really a worry for the potential Howard Stern-Bradley Cooper ticket. 

The radio personality went on to claim that his decision to select Bradley Cooper as his running mate and potential Vice President of the United States, in charge of casting the deciding vote in Congressional stalemates and member of the National Security Council, was made with almost no amount of thought or consideration. Howard Stern also described Bradley Cooper as “real patriot and a great raccoon,” referencing his role as Rocket Racoon in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. In addition to claiming that “real patriot and a great racoon” will be their campaign slogan (possibly but not definitively facetiously), Howard Stern also claimed that 2011 People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive Bradley Cooper would give them an advantage among female voters. 

It is certainly easy to mock the idea of Howard Stern running for president, with or without Academy Award-nominee Bradley Cooper as his running mate. After all, the radio personality first became prominent in popular culture as the definitive “shock jock” of the 1990s and eventually became the radio host most ever fined by the Federal Communications Commission for “indecent” content. He also starred in a fictionalized film version of his own life entitled Private Parts, adapted from his memoir. 

However, the United States of America has increasingly turned to celebrities as political figures, including past frequent Howard Stern guests. Stern has actually run for political office before, running for Governor of New York State in 1994. He withdrew from the election after refusing to divulge his finances, but the 2016 presidential election showed that the American people apparently did not care much about this long-standing tradition and guarantor of the absence of conflict of interest between personal affairs and public office. Plus, Howard Stern might be busy being Doctor Doom, so who knows what will happen.