Hot Ones Host Breaks Up With Adult Film Star On Valentine’s Day

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

On Valentine’s Day, the sparks of romance quickly fizzled out for Hot Ones host Sean Evans and adult film star Melissa Stratton, as the whirlwind of media attention led to an abrupt end to their relationship less than 24 hours after it made headlines.

Super Bowl To Blame?

Melissa Stratton made her relationship with Sean Evans public after sharing a series of images she took with him at the Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, February 11. According to sources close to Stratton, this may have been the catalyst for the breakup. The Hot Ones host initiated the breakup, citing the overwhelming media scrutiny as the primary reason for ending their budding romance.

Sean Evans Unhappy With Stratton’s Profession?

While Sean Evans claims that he’d rather have a love life kept away from media attention, those close to Melissa Stratton claim the reasoning is strange. According to sources, Evans was aware of Stratton’s profession from the onset of their relationship and it was his idea to take her to high-profile public events where it was certain that they would be seen and their relationship would be made public.

TMZ originally broke the story of Sean Evans and Melissa Stratton’s relationship after Stratton shared a series of photos featuring the couple at Super Bowl LVIII. However, just a day after the news broke, Evans decided to end things with Stratton, cruelly ending it over the phone on the day of love itself.

Hot Ones Host Wants To Keep Up Appearances

Melissa Stratton, while saddened by the sudden turn of events, believed that their connection was genuine. However, she couldn’t shake the feeling that Sean Evans might have succumbed to pressure from his circles once their relationship became public knowledge. It’s likely Evans’ decision to end the relationship might have been influenced by external factors, such as professional considerations or personal reservations related to her chosen profession.

To make things internet official, both Sean Evans and Melissa Stratton have unfollowed each other on Instagram, signaling the end of their brief but high-profile romance.

Despite attempts to reach out to Sean Evans’ representatives, there has been no response as of yet, leaving the public curious about the host’s side of the story and the future trajectory of his love life.

Hot Ones

Sean Evans, a prominent American YouTuber, is widely recognized for his role as the co-creator and host of the popular series Hot Ones, where he engages celebrities in interviews while they consume increasingly fiery chicken wings.

Sean Evans co-created the series with Chris Schonberger, General Manager of First We Feast. The concept arose from brainstorming sessions aiming for a fresh take on celebrity interviews, utilizing spicy wings to break down inhibitions. Evans, who has interviewed numerous celebrities including Shaquille O’Neal, Ed Sheeran, and Gordon Ramsay, garnered fame with memorable moments such as the Paul Rudd episode spawning the “Look at us. Who would have thought? Not me” meme. 

Sean Evans’ Popularity Grows

Beyond Hot Ones, Sean Evans hosted Hot Ones: The Game Show and made notable appearances on platforms like Saturday Night Live and Apple TV+. When asked how long he would continue the show, Evans commented that he remains “committed to Hot Ones for as long as the fans will allow it.”Source: TMZ