The Horror Movie Streaming On Netflix Was The First Of Its Kind

By Steven Nelson | Published

unfriended horror

Dive deep into the digital age of horror with Unfriended, a spine-chilling narrative that brings your darkest online fears to the forefront. As our lives become increasingly intertwined with the online world, this film pushes the boundaries of traditional horror, offering a unique and modern twist on the genre.

Streaming now on Netflix, Unfriended unfolds entirely through a computer screen, making it a terrifyingly immersive experience that serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking just a click away. Prepare to rethink those late-night video calls and group chats after watching this.

Unfriended is a horror movie streaming now on Netflix

Unfriended unfolds in real-time from the point of view of a high school student named Blaire’s computer screen. The story kicks off on the anniversary of Laura Barns’ suicide, a fellow student who took her own life after an embarrassing video of her was uploaded online.

In Unfriended, As Blaire and her friends gather for a group Skype call, they are joined by an uninvited and anonymous user. At first, they dismiss it as a glitch, but soon realize the intruder is using Laura’s old account. As they try to disconnect the user, things take a sinister turn.

The mysterious presence begins to reveal dark secrets of each friend, driving wedges between them. It becomes clear that they are dealing with a malevolent force seeking vengeance for Laura’s death.

One by one, the entity forces the friends to turn on each other and commit violent acts, all the while airing their dirtiest laundry. As the night progresses, the stakes grow higher, and the friends desperately try to find a way out of this virtual nightmare.

In Unfriended on Netflix, Blaire and her friends gather for a group Skype call and joined by an uninvited and anonymous user

With the continuous feeling of being watched and the eerie realization that the past can always come back to haunt you, Unfriended takes the audience on a suspense-filled journey where the lines between the online world and reality blur, leading to deadly consequences

Unfriended stands out in the realm of horror films due to its unique and innovative format. The entire narrative unfolds exclusively on a computer screen, a choice that not only intensifies the suspense but also provides a fresh, contemporary twist on the conventional horror format.

This screen-centric storytelling technique in Unfriended captures the essence of modern-day communication, tapping into society’s dependence on digital interaction. It makes the horror feel intimate and immediate, as viewers watch events unravel in real-time through messages, video calls, and browser windows, mimicking the way many of us communicate daily.

All of the Unfriended narrative unfolds exclusively on a computer screen

Additionally, by situating the horror within the familiar environment of a computer interface, Unfriended makes the fear feel close to home. The sense of being trapped within the confines of the screen, with no escape from the menacing force, adds a palpable layer of dread.

Every notification ping, glitch, or freeze becomes a potential harbinger of doom, turning the mundane digital experience into a gripping horror show.


By grounding its story within the digital landscape, Unfriended not only delivers scares but also offers a commentary on the perils of online bullying, the permanence of digital footprints, and the dark side of social media, making it both a chilling and relevant watch for contemporary audiences.

Unfriended revolutionized the horror genre by blending contemporary digital fears with traditional scares. By turning the familiar terrain of our computer screens into an intense battleground of suspense, it forces viewers to confront the vulnerabilities of our hyper-connected era.

Next time you’re on a video call or receive an unexpected message, this film might just make you think twice. Dive into the innovative thriller Unfriended on Netflix and experience a digital-age nightmare that feels all too close to reality.