Henry Cavill Pushes Back Against His Fans, Tells Them To Cut It Out

By Faith McKay | 4 weeks ago

henry cavill

Actor Henry Cavill has taken to Instagram to kindly ask his fans to either be happy for him or at least try to make themselves proud with better behavior. The post is long and somewhat vague, and definitely polite, but makes clear that there has been some drama going on between him and his fans.

Mostly, Henry Cavill’s Instagram updates have brief captions that offer a glimpse into the actor’s life. This is normal for Instagram, where captions often go unread or unnoticed. The actor’s latest post veers far away from these normals, where he has written a long caption that has gained a great deal of attention, with over two million reactions in under 21 hours at the time of this writing. You can see the post below, and then we’ll dive more into what might have caused it.

The post could easily be considered vaguebooking, where someone posts about a specific thing or event without providing context. Here, Henry Cavill mentions his fans trying to defend him but in ways he wants them to stop. He says this is about his professional and his personal life. In the cast of the professional, we could assume he is talking about his role as Superman for the DC Extended Universe. Fans have been upset as of late because there is a new Superman movie on the way that won’t be starring Cavill. The movie is being written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and while it won’t be part of the DC Extended Universe, it raises even more questions about whether we’ll ever see Cavill as Superman again. Man of Steel 2 seems more doubtful every day.

But this caption went along with the photo of him and his girlfriend, so it seems more like he is talking about his personal life than his professional one. A brief glance at his Instagram feed may be all we need to gain greater context here. A little over a month ago, on April 10th, Henry Cavill posted a photo with his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso, a television executive. The photo showed the pair playing chess and him looking at her adoringly. The caption was short and sweet, calling her beautiful and brilliant. You can see the post below.

Prior to this post, Henry Cavill has been fairly private about his personal life. He doesn’t mention who he is dating. Social media is filled with people speculating on the actor’s sexuality. Was that the reason for his need for privacy? Others have simply wanted to believe he is single because they have a crush on the actor. In the summer of 2020, he posted a video where he built himself a gaming computer. His biceps were in view the whole time. The internet fell in love, calling him an attractive nerd. At the same time, fans were falling in love with him on The Witcher for Netflix, where is often topless. A single Henry Cavill kept the dream alive for many fans. It makes sense, then, that those fans with big crushes may be getting nasty about him having a girlfriend and posting his adoration for her.

If you’ve ever been part of a fandom or followed one, you’re likely familiar with the idea of toxic fandom, or the idea of fandom going too far. It’s easy to lose sight of Henry Cavill as a human as he becomes something fans have their hearts set on. Hopefully, his post will help his fans step back for a second and be happy for him. He says he’s happy with the relationship he’s in, The Witcher season two is on the way, and he’s signed on for Enola Holmes 2 at Netflix. There’s a lot for the actor to be happy about these days.