Harry Potter Reboot Series Taps JK Rowling For Involvement Because That’s Not Going To Cause Controversy At All

By Brian Myers | Published

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The controversial opinions of author J.K. Rowling have made the news over the past several years as the Harry Potter creator continues to double down on her comments that many have deemed transphobic. The recent news that Warner Bros. Discovery will be heavily involving Rowling during the production of the Harry Potter reboot series has some fans questioning the studio’s judgment and others wondering how significant the backlash will be against what could be a great series.

Harry Potter Reboot Coming In 2026

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The Harry Potter reboot series is slated for a 2026 release and will be a detailed adaptation of all seven of the books in the series. The series itself is planned to take place over a 10-year period, showing just how lofty the expectations that Warner Bros. Discovery is setting for the upcoming project. But with Rowling’s opinions of the trans community alienating so much of her fan base, it’s feared by some that her involvement will potentially damage the project.

J.K. Rowling Was Actively Involved In The Movies

Aside from penning all of the bestselling books in the Harry Potter series, Rowling took an active role in the production of the film adaptations. From the beginning, Rowling was involved in the casting decisions, co-wrote the screenplays for the successful spin-off films, and acted as producer for the final three films of the original movie series. With all of her experience in mind, fans (and detractors) are wondering just how much involvement Rowling will actually have in the Harry Potter reboot.

Rowling Has Split The Community

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There’s not a clear answer to that question at this moment, although words from Warner Bros. Discovery CEO¬†David Zaslav revealed in 2023 that the studio and the author would be “in partnership” for the creation of the highly anticipated Harry Potter reboot series. This will have fans of the franchise split, as the comments Rowling has made regarding the trans community over the last several years have some painting her as an unrepentant transphobe.

Original Cast Spoke Out Against Rowling

The reasons many feel that Rowling is transphobic are multi-layered, with scores of examples clearly illustrated by the author’s online behavior and Rowling’s own tweets and blog posts. The remarks Rowling has made regarding the trans community have drawn ire not only from fans but also from many of the stars of the film franchise she helped to create. Whether the criticisms of Rowling held by Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and others will help sink the upcoming Harry Potter reboot with a fan boycott remains to be seen, but it is certainly worth considering as a possibility.

One Of The Most Successful Franchises In History

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Controversial or not, Rowling has created a financial empire since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was first published in 1997. The book series alone has generated $7.7 billion, while the film series (eight original films and three in the Fantastic Beasts spinoff series) raked in more than $5.5 billion in profit for Warner Bros. Discovery. The Harry Potter reboot series certainly seems poised to significantly add to the coffers of the film studio, which doesn’t seem to be bothered by its creator being mired in controversy.