Exclusive: Harrison Ford Red Hulk Series In Development

A new TV series that would star Harrison Ford as the Red Hulk is in development for Disney+.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

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Han Solo just got started with his television career but it looks like he could be diving into the deep end. Our trusted and proven sources have let us know that a Harrison Ford led series is in development focused on Red Hulk. Ford has already been confirmed to take over the late William Hurt’s role as Thaddeus Ross in the upcoming Captain America: New World Order, and rumors abound that the 2024 film will finally see Ross transformed into Red Hulk.

If Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk eventually gets the green light, it will be the third television show led by the actor since it was announced he would be starring in the upcoming AppleTV+ comedy series Shrinking. He’s since made his debut in the popular Yellowstone narrative as Jacob Dutton in the prequel series 1923.

Other than Harrison Ford’s involvement, we don’t know much about the still-developing Red Hulk series. It’s possible the show could be based on the Scorched Earth comics written by Jeff Parker. In the comics, after Red Hulk is captured, he’s recruited by Steve Rogers to undo the destructive Scorched Earth protocols put in place by the same supervillains who gave Red Hulk his powers.

If the Harrison Ford series does replicate Scorched Earth, we could see Red Hulk clash with some huge guest stars. In the source material, trying to save the world not only puts Red Hulk at odds with villains, but with some understandably distrusting heroes like Thor, Iron Man, and Namor.

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Red Hulk and Thor clash in Hulk #26 (Marvel Comics, 2010)

Of course, Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers is no longer a part of the MCU, so it’s possible he could be replaced in Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk by Anthony Mackie’s Captain America. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Valentina Allegra de Fontaine might be an even more likely candidate as the handler for the MCU’s Red Hulk.

It’s possible that the overall MCU trajectory of Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk could closely mirror that of the character from the comics. In the source material, he begins as a villain, but eventually becomes more of an anti-hero and even joins the Avengers.

One thing that will likely change between the source material and the MCU is the motivation for Harrison Ford’s Ross to become Red Hulk; assuming, of course, the transformation is on purpose and not through an accident. In the comics, Ross works with the supervillain group The Intelligencia — as described by the Marvel Database — who gives Ross his powers to accomplish a number of goals, including getting revenge on the Hulk and the power to kill the Abomination, who murdered his daughter.

This likely will change because, at this point in the MCU, Harrison Ford’s Ross doesn’t have the obsessive grudge against Banner that his comic book counterpart does. Not to mention that the Abomination hasn’t done anything to his daughter lately. Judging by his recent appearances in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, the most the Abomination could possibly be planning to do to her is invite her to group therapy or offer her a discounted spa day.

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