Harrison Ford’s Injury More Serious Than Reported, Indiana Jones 5 Production Shutting Down?

Indiana Jones 5 may be facing a delay after Harrison Ford was injured on set.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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To the excitement of many, the 78-year-old Harrison Ford began filming Indiana Jones 5 in the United Kingdom several weeks ago. Recently, it was reported that the actor suffered a shoulder injury while rehearsing a fight scene for the film. At the time, it was said by Deadline that the extent of his injury was still unknown, but that the director planned to adjust his filming schedule so he could do scenes with Harrison Ford when he was recovered and that they wouldn’t have to stop production on the movie. Now, according to insider Grace Randolph, it’s being said that the actor’s injury is more severe than previously believed. In fact, she says that production for Indiana Jones 5 will need to shut down.

The report from the insider claims that due to Harrison Ford’s injury, the set will need to shut down for a total of six weeks. See the tweet below.

If what Grace Randolph is hearing is true, then it’s good that Harrison Ford is taking the time to recover. Depending on what his doctors say and how his healing process goes, it may be difficult to plan production around his recovery. It seems likely that Harrison Ford is in most of the scenes in Indiana Jones 5. It also seems likely that scheduling out filming for the scenes that he’s not in, and rescheduling everything for production, may have proven quite difficult. With COVID-related restrictions during filming to keep everyone safe on set, there is added time when actors show up for quarantining and tracking of who has been around whom. Restructuring a filming schedule around Harrison Ford’s recovery may have proven more difficult than simply shutting down for six weeks. It’s likely that we’ll hear confirmation from the studio soon.

Before filming on Indiana Jones 5 ever began, many questioned whether the actor should still be involved. While Harrison Ford has filmed movies like Star Wars in recent years, many felt that Indiana Jones 5 is too action-oriented and the actor shouldn’t participate in the film at 78 years old. However, the actor has said that the role is still perfectly appropriate for him. The film took a while to get to this point, going through several scripts from different writers and then production delays due to the pandemic. Clearly, the production has faced delays before and will manage to do so again so that Harrison Ford can properly recover. Previously, the actor broke his leg on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. His recovery took eight weeks.

Will this delay mean that they’ll need to delay the July 29, 2022, scheduled release date? Possibly, however, a six-week delay may not require rescheduling the release date. It depends on how much room they’ve scheduled with the possibility of delays and things in mind. After Hollywood experienced many delays in 2020, they’ve hopefully given themselves enough time to work through a six-week delay in production, if that happens. For now, fans will remain hopeful on both the release date and on Harrison Ford’s recovery.