See Halle Berry Save The World In Moonfall Trailer

By Annie Banks | 14 seconds ago

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In 2022, the moon comes to us. Lionsgate’s latest sci-fi thriller, Moonfall, sets up Jo Fowler (Halle Berry) to save society from a moon that’s on the brink of falling out of orbit. After she and her team head to the moon to save Earth from disaster, they discover that the moon has more secrets than it lets us know.

You can see Halle Berry in the Moonfall trailer below:

Halle Berry will be in the company of Brian Harper, Michael Peña,  John Bradley, and Charlie Plummer. The space-based adventure comes from Roland Emmerich, who has proven himself to be more than comfortable within the doomsday genre as he can be recognized for working on Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. Emmerich not only directed the film but co-wrote it as well. Emmerich said that Moonfall was a project that he’s been wanting to work on for a long time and was born out of his fascination with the moon.

The writer-director is quick to compare this Halle Berry-led space adventure to his past work, most specifically to his work on 2012 and Independence Day. He says that Moonfall is a mix of his two previous films that emits the extraterrestrial element. He also teases that there’s going to be a twist in the movie, but won’t give it away quite yet. There’s also been confidence that a franchise could be built off of the first film.

Halle Berry may not be there, but Independence Day is one of Emmerich’s most popular movies and has only achieved one sequel despite its influential effect on movies that center their plot around Earth being targeted – and then attempted to be destroyed – by alien lifeforms. The trope has been practiced frequently within science fiction and action genres and has created a subgenre in itself. Moonfall may exclude alien lifeforms, but Emmerich remains open to revisiting Independence Day sequels.

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Darren Aronofsky was once in talks to head the space thriller as it was being shopped around before Halle Berry was signed on for the leading role. It was reported that the director was considering joining in on the sci-fi that was once described to be Fargo on the moon. The script once caught the attention of New Regency and would throw Moonfall into Aronofsky’s lap. Since then, the movie has fallen under the production and distribution rights of Lionsgate. It’s no surprise that this mega-budget science fiction film has been snagged by the production company, as they’re keen on scooping up blockbusters that are known to generate the most buzz.

Moonfall will send Halle Berry back into space for the first time since her CBS series Extant as the mission asks her to navigate her way through mysterious threats, unusual happenings, and explore more behind the strange force that jolts the moon out of its orbit. The trailer opens upon JFK’s “We choose to go to the moon” speech from 1962 and is quickly followed by the escalations of what goes wrong on the mission to not only go to the moon but save it. Moonfall crashes into theaters on February 4, 2022.