Independence Day Sequel Series Coming To Streaming?

By Tristan Zelden | 4 weeks ago

independence day

Being 25-years-old with only one sequel makes establishing something into a franchise does not always seem likely, but nothing stops Hollywood from taking any IP and turning it into something bigger. The future of Independence Day has been put into question multiple times before. Speaking with ComicBook, director Roland Emmerich confirmed that there is hope for more to come, even as a TV series.

Disney is pushing its streaming service, Disney Plus, hard. With Pixar movies hitting like Luca and Marvel furthering developing its characters with shows like Loki and WandaVision, it would be not surprising to the filmmaker that the company would want something extra to throw on since it needs additional content, like something related to Independence Day.

Regardless of what Disney needs for Disney Plus, Emmerich is open to doing more with Independence Day, whether that is a show or a third movie. It turns out there was an idea for a third back when the second was getting being made. However, it would relate more to the first, with an emphasis on refugees.

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“And actually, the third part has much more to do with the first part, because we learned, more or less, that out there are a lot of refugees and they’re living on a refugee planet,” he said to “And where [the aliens] finally come there because, somewhat like these aliens on earth, found out about it and telepathically or whatever gave it to their super queen. They’re all humans, but in all different forms. So it’s this thing that we have Brent Spiner and Jeff Goldblum and we have them with all these different forms of people, which would be a great movie.”

Getting anything done with Independence Day would take a lot from Emmerich as he admits he is busy enough not to be eager to jump into the sci-fi world yet. He will be writing and directing Moonfall, a fantasy movie with a huge cast with Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring), Halle Berry (Monster’s Ball), John Bradley (Game of Thrones), Michael Pena (Crash), and Donald Sutherland (Citizen X). The filmmaker will also direct the sci-fi project Stargate and an action-period piece, Maya Lord.

With Independence Day giving the 65-year-old filmmaker “total freedom” by having the final say for projects and not having to battle with studios, he is “very passionate” about this franchise. That said, he did say he is open to someone else taking the reigns. So with that, it could lead to another movie or show without him having to divert his attention away from his busy schedule.


Independence Day became a cultural phenomenon. By being a hit for award season with one Oscar win for best effects and another nomination for best sound and being a hit at the box office by grossing over $800 million globally, Emmerich’s career soared. He would go off to write multiple Stargate spinoff series like SG-1 and Atlantis. He would dive into apocalyptic natural disasters with The Day After Tomorrow and 2012.

In 2016, he teamed back up with writer Dean Devlin and actor Jeff Goldblum to do the sequel, Resurgence. The original trio was joined by two other writers known for acting, James A. Woods (Far Cry 4) and Nicolas Wright (White House Down). It was heavily panned by critics and audiences, but with some interest, the franchise could see a revival.