Grant Gustin Has Decided Whether To Return For The Flash Season 8

By Jason Collins | 2 months ago

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After unsubstantiated rumors about Grant Gustin leaving The Flash and the Arrowverse and the actor’s insinuations that he might do so, the fandom sparked a few internet wildfires. Things became even worse after Season 7 ended, leaving the fandom questioning their devotion to the series. Now, Grant Gustin has decided whether to return for The Flash Season 8, and we’re bringing you the news.

In a story published by Deadline, original cast members of The Flash, Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes, will be exiting the CW series after this seventh season. And while the fandom is sad to see them go, there’s a possibility that both actors will make return appearances at some points in the series. But what does it have to do with the Fastest Man Alive? The article centers around Cavanagh and Valdes leaving the show but states that Grant Gustin is already contracted for Season 8 of the series, with other cast members negotiating new deals to return. And that’s the silver lining the fandom’s excited about!

Though it may sound unsurprising, given how we can’t have The Flash without a titular hero, things weren’t so cheerful between the actor and the studio. Just last year, the actor disclosed that his contract with CW concludes with the ending of Season 7 and that COVID-19 interrupted any negotiations of him returning for Season 8 of The Flash. He allegedly expressed his dissatisfaction with CW over several disagreements behind the scenes, explaining how he lost many other opportunities because of conflicting schedules and has several failed projects because of The Flash.

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However, those were merely unconfirmed rumors since Gustin never publicly expressed any dissatisfaction or disputes with the studio. After announcing the conclusion of his contract, Grant Gustin did insinuate his return as the Fastest Man Alive, but that was never officially confirmed. At least not until now. According to several rumors circulating the web, CW didn’t want to lose the actor and did everything in their power to convince him to stay with the show. Some even mentioned unprecedented amounts of cash, never before heard of in CW’s history, just to get Gustin to accept the deal.

This alleged monetary compensation could be interpreted as a significant contract boost that ensures that Gustin is satisfied with The Flash, helping extend the shelf-life and popularity of one of the CW’s longest-running hits. Grant Gustin first appeared as Berry Allen, a titular hero of The Flash television series, which premiered in October 2014, and has been with the series ever since, appearing in various crossovers within the Arrowverse.

With a lead role in one of CW’s longest-running and massively popular TV shows, the actor had very little time to squeeze into other roles, which he disclosed in one of his interviews. However, CW’s apparently looking to extend The Flash’s popularity and possibly enter a superhero-franchise race with Marvel and DC Extended Universe, which might be precisely why they opted to keep Grant Gustin for a few more seasons. It’s official now, Grant Gustin will appear as The Flash in the Season 8 of the series.