Gal Gadot Joining Star Wars In A Surprising Role?

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

gal gadot

These days it isn’t good enough to be one part of just one massive franchise. No, if you are part of one, it pays (literally) to think about becoming part of another as well. And that could definitely be the case with Gal Gadot. She’s got a firm placement as the Queen of the DC Film world, but why stop there? Recent rumors have her maybe even joining another iconic franchise. We Got This Covered via YouTuber Mike Zeroh has it that Gadot might be making a move into the Star Wars side of things. With the latter franchise continuing to expand, they could be looking to add even more high-profile names to the roster. Gadot would fit right in. 

This recent rumor comes from Zeroh’s YouTube account where he put together a video describing some of what he’s heard about the inner discussions surrounding upcoming Star Wars projects. Gal Gadot would be coming on for a new project that would put her into the franchise’s canon, and set her up to have played a part in the events of the franchise’s movies.

This new project wouldn’t be in the current timelines being worked on for Disney+ movies or series, but rather many years before those and would detail the Sith dealings in the republic long before the iconic characters we know and love were even around. Check out Zeroh’s video. Around the two-minute mark to the four-minute mark is when he discusses Gal Gadot’s potential role. 

In this rumor, Zeroh first details some of the upcoming projects and then gets into how this would work with the new actors coming on board. Apparently, he’s hearing that Keanu Reeves would headline a trilogy of new movies in the Star Wars universe that would be focused on a time well before the events of The Phantom Menace (Episode I). This would be the Old Republic and Reeves would play King Valar who according to Zeroh would be based on a number of “Old Republic characters combined”. Gal Gadot would be a Sith princess in this new story, a likely relative of the Valar character. 

Zeroh says this new trilogy would be released on Disney+ and official announcements about Gal Gadot and Keanu Reeves coming on board would happen at the end of the year around the time The Book of Boba Fett is released on the streaming platform. Again, this is all very much in the rumor stage, but it makes sense that Disney would want to start working on storylines in the distant Star Wars past. Especially if they could separate the timeline fully and create a new world (so to speak) around the same ideals we’ve come to know from the current franchise. 

gal gadot

As for Gal Gadot, even if she didn’t join the Star Wars franchise, there’s plenty of work on her plate for the time being. She’s still got more Wonder Woman stories with the third movie in that franchise due in a couple of years. She’s also got Red Notice coming out sometime this year. In the future, there’s also Cleopatra, Heart of Stone, and even the potential of a Justice League 2 if DC can ever scrape up enough interest for another round with those characters. And heck, maybe one day we see her go a little Sith evil as well.