Gal Gadot Dropping Patty Jenkins For Zack Snyder On Wonder Woman 3?

Is Gal Gadot getting Zack Snyder to replace Patty Jenkins on Wonder Woman 3?

By Faith McKay | Published

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Patty Jenkins is the writer and director behind the first Wonder Woman movie and Wonder Woman 1984, but she wasn’t the first filmmaker to touch the character. Before Patty Jenkins turned Wonder Woman into one of the biggest hits in the DC Extended Universe, director Zack Snyder worked with Gal Gadot to bring the character to the screen. With Snyder working with Warner Bros once again, is it time for the creator to take Wonder Woman in a new direction for the third installment? According to insider Grace Randolph, executives are interested in seeing exactly that.

This news from Randolph’s insiders comes at a time when audiences are excitedly waiting to see the Snyder Cut for Justice League. Years in the making, this new cut for the film will be longer, stay true to the original director’s vision, and include Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman. Grace Randolph was a big fan of the recent Wonder Woman 1984. She said that she thought it was a brave movie. She is also a big fan of Zack Snyder. Earlier, she retweeted agreement that Snyder knows how to show off all that Gal Gadot can do in the role. 

Before Patty Jenkins was involved, Zack Snyder had his own vision for how the first Wonder Woman film would play out. At the time, the DC Extended Universe was known for its darker films. The Dark Knight had been one of their greatest successes. Snyder’s vision for the Gal Gadot movie was much darker. Wonder Woman would have been more ruthless. The movie would have been war-heavy. Chris Pine’s main role in the first film would have been bringing Gal Gadot’s character around to the idea that humanity had value she could fight for.

When Patty Jenkins came onto the project, the studio still very much held that vision for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. During her online press tours for Wonder Woman 1984, Jenkins opened up about her disagreements with Warner Bros. Apparently, a lot of the disagreements were about the studio’s previous vision versus her vision of what women in the audience wanted to see. She told them, “I’m a Wonder Woman fan, that’s not what we’re looking for.” While the studio convinced the director to change the ending of the original film, most of what we’ve seen so far has been true to her vision. 

Would Warner Bros. really consider putting the third Gal Gadot solo movie into Zack Snyder’s hands? It’s a bit difficult to see that happening. At this point, Patty Jenkins already has a confirmed and signed contract for Wonder Woman 3. The studio would have to pay her off. She believes it will be her last movie for Wonder Woman, which she has previously said she sees as a trilogy. It’s true that the second movie opened to mixed reviews. It was also released during the pandemic, so theater numbers were low and the movie was released directly to streaming on HBO Max. Those numbers seemed to do well, but it’s harder to judge the financial success of a movie released in a new way. 

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Meanwhile, Zack Snyder seems to be coming back strong for Warner Bros. He managed to gain enough attention from audiences to have a director’s cut released for Justice League. If studio executives are interested in seeing Wonder Woman 3 handed to Snyder, would he want to take it on? That remains unclear. It is interesting to consider what Snyder would do with the third Gal Gadot project. Would he able to match his own vision for Wonder Woman with what we’ve seen in the Patty Jenkins’ movies? Perhaps we’ll get a clearer vision of what he would do when we see Gal Gadot in Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max when it premieres on March 18, 2021.