Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds Introduce First Look At Red Notice

Netflix just debuted footage from their massive upcoming slate of films, including a first look at Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds' Red Notice.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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Red Notice Dwayne Johnson Ryan Reynolds Gal Gadot

Streaming giant Netflix has big plans for 2021 and they are using three of the biggest movie stars on the planet to help them show off what’s to come. Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, and Ryan Reynolds kick off a quick preview of many of the originals that will be coming to Netflix subscribers in the new year, including Red Notice, featuring the three megastars.

Red Notice appears near the end of the preview and comes in one 12-second chunk. Dwayne Johnson starts with a voice-over saying “I’m getting to the good part” as Red Notice starts. The clip is full of quick cuts, but gives fans a brief glimpse of the action coming their way. Gal Gadot is as lethal as ever and the short clip showcasing the Ryan Reynolds banter is fun.

But the preview starts with Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, and Ryan Reynolds introducing themselves, with the clip then jumping into a montage of other stars answering what it is they love about movies, as clips of their upcoming Netflix movies roll. Regina King kicks it all off telling the audience, “What I love about movies is that they can make you feel every emotion.” Thunder Force comes next and it is highlighted by the movie’s stars Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy in a superhero movie that was written and directed by McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone.

Bruised Halle Berry
Bruised, starring and directed by Halle Berry

Halle Berry and Dwayne Johnson’s Moana co-star Lin-Manuel Miranda then show up saying they both love that they are directing their first movies. Berry got her first directing gig is on the upcoming movie Bruised, while Miranda gets his first shot in the directing chair with the musical Tick, Tick…Boom.

From there, the movies and their stars keep on coming. The preview shows the young stars from The Kissing Booth 3 and To All the Boys: Always and Forever. Amy Adams arrives to plug her upcoming thriller, The Woman in the Window, where Adams plays a doctor who suffers from agoraphobia, who peeks in on her neighbors using binoculars and one night sees what looks to be a murder. The movie suffered from the Disney purchase of Fox, delaying the 2018 premiere, and after years of delays, Netflix swooped in to purchase the film, which is now scheduled for an early 2021 release.

Chris Hemsworth also appears with his upcoming Escape from Spiderhead action flick, with Netflix likely hoping he will bring in the same numbers he did for his first Netflix film Extraction. Dave Bautista shows up as does a quick clip of the highly-anticipated Zack Snyder zombie heist movie Army of the Dead.

Tig Notaro Army of the Dead
Tig Notaro in Zack Snyder’s latest, Army of the Dead

Among the other movies Netflix plugs on the preview are Yes Day, Sweet Girl, Outside the Wire, Bad Trip, O2, The Last Mercenary, Kate, Fear Street, Night Teeth, Malcolm & Marie, Monster, Moxie, The White Tiger, Double Dad, Back to the Outback, and Beauty. It’s an impressive lineup with an even more impressive list of movie stars Netflix has set for their subscribers. These are only a few of the over 70 originals Netflix has scheduled for 2021.

Obviously, Red Notice is the movie Netflix has their highest hopes for, considering the impressive cast of Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. 2021 is looking like it’ll be a good one for Netflix. You can see the entire preview below.