The Frasier Reboot’s Fate Has Been Decided

The Frasier reboot has been officially approved by Paramount+.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Published

As the reboot trend continues to persist, Deadline reports a beloved series has now been picked up to return. The Frasier reboot is a-go. But unlike many rehashes, this sequel series is bringing back the original star, Kelsey Grammer, to once again follow the main character through a new series of events. 

As countless movies and TV shows replace or reduce beloved fan favorites as side characters, sequel series are proving to offer more success. Appeasing loyal fans while drawing in new audiences has been an ongoing battle in the fast-paced ever changing technological age — especially as networks have to compete with apps and games. By bringing back a Frasier reboot with the same familiar storyline and character, the fan base is more likely to accept the changes. 

This was the case with the Fuller House reboot. Another beloved series, Full House, was missed by fans and so when it was decided to bring it back with a sequel show that added another chapter to the storyline, aging with the returning cast members and giving them new but similar storylines to the original. The Frasier reboot looks to be offering the same formula. 

Kelsey Grammer is producing the project and Paramount+ has given the project the greenlight. The Frasier reboot is once again starting out with the main character moving to a new town to continue his psychiatry-radio host hijinks. A new cast is expected to come with this change of scenery, essentially starting the show over once more, but still fully acknowledging the original series, characters, and events. 

frasier reboot

Although the Frasier reboot deal has been agreed upon, there is no news of how many episodes have been ordered. In addition, it is being speculated, but not fully confirmed that previous cast members may make guest appearances. This comes after the original series lasted for a whopping 11 seasons and set the record for the most Emmy Awards won by a scripted series. 

Frasier was widely successful because although it followed seemingly pretentious elitists, it displayed a side of the wealthy that hadn’t yet been tapped into with humor and wit. By openly toying with the problems of the mental health profession and personal struggles that come with such knowledge, the show revealed jokes that were somewhat edgy but sensible. Add in the wacky family element and it was a hit, which leaves a lot to be expected for the Frasier reboot. 

Arguably the spice of the show, John Mahoney and his canine sidekick Eddie, played by Moose the dog (and his son) have both passed away in recent years. Returning fans will likely be seeking a similar dynamic or at least some kind of mention and tribute to the characters who so often drove the plot home. That is up to the new Frasier reboot writers, who have signed on after working on shows like How I Met Your Mother and Life in Pieces.  

Regardless, the Frasier reboot is being given new life. Kelsey Grammer will return to once again enter the role of the head doctor who is starting out fresh in a new city.