First Look At The Sandman Netflix Series Revealed In Magical Trailer

Our first look at The Sandman on Netflix is here.

By Jason Collins | Updated

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Netflix just released a behind-the-scenes sneak peek trailer for their upcoming series, The Sandman, featuring the fantasy saga’s writer, Neil Gaiman, and some of its cast. This is the first tangible, concrete evidence that the series is in active production after spending several decades in developmental limbo, which provides an early look at how Netflix adapts The Sandman into a TV show.

The behind-the-scenes trailer is narrated by The Sandman‘s co-creator, writer, and now executive producer Neil Gaiman, giving the fans a hint of what to expect from Netflix’s upcoming series. His tour through the gorgeous sets, props, and concept art is complemented by the cast members’ discussion regarding their respective involvement in the project. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t contain any segments of the show since those haven’t been edited yet but instead focuses on the series’ plot, narrative, and art.

Unlike Lucifer, the Netflix-acquired TV show loosely based on The Sandman comic books, the upcoming adaptation will adhere to the comic book’s narrative more strictly. The story follows its main character, Dream, the titular Sandman, the Dream King, who is the personification of dreams, portrayed by Tom Sturridge. He’s captured by an occult ritual at the beginning of the comic series, just to arrive in 2021, after escaping his century-long imprisonment. Having exacted his revenge upon his captors, the Dream King sets out to restore his kingdom of Dreaming.

Based on the DC Comics series, Netflix’s television adaptation of The Sandman blends modern myths, contemporary fiction, historical drama, legends, and dark fantasy, into a vibrant, interwoven story. However, it also brings several changes compared to the original comic book series – most notable of which is the appearance and cast of Lucifer Morningstar. Stemming from the fact that 2016’s Lucifer depicted a much different version of The Sandman character it’s based upon, Gaiman decided to recast the role.

Though Tom Ellis’ reprisal of the role was considered, The Sandman’s incarnation of Lucifer is much closer to the character’s original depiction in the comics, rather than the devilishly charming Lucifer portrayed by Ellis in 2016’s Lucifer. The new ruler of Hell and one of DC Comics’ most powerful character is now portrayed by Gwendoline Christie, best known for her work in Game of Thrones, giving Lucifer a makeover. Her fandom might be excited to learn that she got the role of DC Comics’ prominent character, but this isn’t the first time Christie plays the part of the Devil – her appearance as Lucifer in a stage play, named Doctor Faustus, was highly praised by the critics and the audience in 2010.

After decades of speculations, possible adaptations, and development limbo, Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is finally coming to Netflix. The production of the first season is expected to last until the end of June, after which it should enter its post-production phase, potentially bringing us the live-action trailer for the upcoming show. Netflix still has to announce a release date for the first, ten-episode season of The Sandman, signaling that, after a millennium in developmental hell, the series is finally about to hit the small screens.