The Fantasy Adventure Anime On Crunchyroll Is The Hottest New Series Of The Year

By Douglas Helm | Published

The 2024 anime season is starting off strong, and perhaps one of the best new anime introduced this year is the much-hyped release of Solo Leveling. So far, the anime is living up to the hype and is delivering each week with its kinetic battles and interesting premise. You still have time to catch up on Crunchyroll now before the season is over.

Solo Leveling Brings Monsters To Our World

Solo Leveling takes place in a world where mysterious portals that lead to monster-filled dungeons begin to open up around the world. Fortunately, the rise of the portals also leads to the awakening of hunters – humans who possess supernatural strength and abilities to battle these monsters and close the portals. Each hunter is assigned a rank based on their strength, and a hunter’s abilities and strength are set in stone after they awaken.

A Second Chance

Solo Leveling follows protagonist Sung Jinwoo, who is known as one of the weakest hunters in the world. However, he ends up in a dangerous dungeon that nearly kills him before being chosen by a mysterious program known as the System. The System allows Jinwoo to level up, making him the only hunter in the world with this ability. 

A Reverse Isekai

Sole Leveling is a clever twist on isekai anime like The Rising of the Shield Hero. Instead of teleporting its character to a new world, the portals to fantasy worlds begin to pop up in the real world. Also, the protagonist is the only one who can level up, allowing the show to give Jinwoo a cool progression while also toying with some classic RPG tropes like Jinwoo’s ability to put points into strength, intelligence, etc.

Setting The Stage For Later Episodes

One thing is for sure, if you’re looking for a new battle anime, then Solo Leveling will definitely hit the spot. The fight scenes have great animation and there’s plenty of cool creature design for the different monsters that pop up in the dungeon. While the first season is mostly building the world and introducing us to Jinwoo’s abilities, there is also plenty of room for intrigue with other briefly introduced characters.

A Sequel Is Already In The Works

Solo Leveling is adapted from the South Korean web novel by Chugong, which is also worth checking out if you can’t wait for the anime to get through the story. The series is only getting bigger, too, as a live-action Korean adaptation was announced along with a video game made by Netmarble. There’s even a sequel called Solo Leveling: Ragnarok that is set to get a webtoon adaptation in 2024.

A Massive Hit From The First Episode

In other words, there is plenty of Solo Leveling content out there, and the anime is definitely one of the best ways to dive into the series. With the huge popularity of the series, it also seems almost inevitable that the anime will be getting a second season. So there’s not much danger in getting invested with the worry that the anime won’t get more episodes.

Season 1 Is Currently Airing

Solo Leveling is available to stream on Crunchyroll now. The series currently has seven episodes available, along with a recap episode. The eighth episode is set to air on March 3.