Don’t Expect Fantastic Four’s Sue Storm To Be Sexy

By April Ryder | Published

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The Invisible Woman, Dr. Susan Storm, of Stan Lee’s Fantastic Four won’t be oversexualized in the new movie set to star Vanessa Kirby in the role. The still-youthful actress has spent years claiming her stake in Hollywood, finally achieving a status that allows her to “put her foot down” about certain things on set. 

Vanessa Kirby Will Do Things Her Way

The upcoming (and long-awaited) Fantastic Four movie is set for release next year, and Vanessa Kirby plans to make an impact in the movie without highlighting her “feminine assets” along the way.

Feels She Can Now Say No To Set Demands

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One of the highlight points of Vanessa Kirby’s rising stardom is that she now has the social power to put her foot down and say no to things on set. To be able to say “No, I’m not wearing a short skirt. I’m not showing any skin, and I don’t want slapped-on makeup,” is an element of her success Kirby relishes.

The Fantastic Four star stated in her own words, “I don’t want to be shot through a lens of sexualization. That’s not me. That’s the distorted feminine and the distorted masculine that is creating so much of the toxic energy in our society [today].” 

A Gifted Performer

Born in Wimbledon, London, Kirby grew up as a nerdy kid who was often bullied. She found solace in her drama classes during her primary school years and later went on to throw herself into stage acting. She got her start in show business on stage before she ever made it to college (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art), but she was signed by a local talent agency before classes began and skipped college altogether. 

Trained On The Stage

Fantastic Four’s Vanessa Kirby cut her teeth on the stage, which likely molded her into the talent she is today. For years, she honed her talents on stage, performing in titles like All My Sons, Ghosts, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and As You Like It, among many others. Fantastic Four’s Vanessa Kirby cut her teeth on the stage, which likely molded her into the talent she is today. 

From the stage, Kirby had a small film part in Love/Loss in 2010 and found a few parts on various British television shows, including The Hour, Great Expectations, and The Labyrinth. After a couple of low-grade movies, Fantastic Four’s Vanessa Kirby made her way back to the stage. 

A Rough Start In Hollywood

Vanessa Kirby won Best Supporting Actress at the Whatsonstage Awards for her performance on stage in A Streetcar Named Desire, bringing more attention to her talents. Soon after, she landed a role in the Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending, which would look much different today. 

A Royal Breakthrough

Kirby was beginning to land more and more big screen roles, and then she was cast to play Princess Margaret on The Crown. Margaret was the role that would draw attention in Hollywood and show everyone what she’s made of on screen. 

Working With Tom Cruise

Fantastic Four’s Vanessa Kirby was finally starting to draw the attention she deserved. All the years of training she had endured on stage were finally beginning to pay off. She was nominated for a British Academy Television Award twice and won once, and was also nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. 

The little girl from London finally had Hollywood’s full attention. Tom Cruise was interested in her talents and cast her in the sixth Mission Impossible movie. 

The Perfect Sue Storm

After smashing that performance, Cruise called Kirby back for two more upcoming Mission Impossible movies. Then The Fast & The Furious came calling, and now Fantastic Four will showcase Vanessa Kirby in a role she feels she can dominate without oversexualizing her character.