Family Guy’s Funniest Cutaway Gags, Ranked

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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Over its 23 seasons, Family Guy has given audiences plenty to laugh about. Seth MacFarlane’s wicked sense of humor slices and dices like none other, creating situations that many times cross lines. But what makes the series so funny are the cutaways. These quick scenes can cover any and all subject matter and there is not one subject that is taboo.

Family Guy cutaways are separate from the main story, allowing MacFarlane to tell another story, however small it may be, within the larger plotline. Sometimes they come rapid fire, so keeping your eye on the episode is paramount in getting all of the references that Seth MacFarlane wants to toss in.

The following are some of Family Guy’s funniest cutaway gags.

Family Guy’s Funniest Cutaways

8. The Conway Twitty Interruptions

They are random and they are extended, but they are fun cutaways, nevertheless. These Conway Twitty cutaways are not from one specific episode but come from a few different ones.

The legendary country singer shows up in unrelated scenes, oftentimes creating a surreal and unexpected comedic break.

7. Watching Paint Dry

In this Family Guy cutaway, Peter is not too thrilled to be sitting next to Stewie on the couch having to watch kids’ shows. He makes his point when he says he’d much rather watch paint dry. So, in fun Family Guy fashion, he does.

6. Will Smith Clean Rap

In this season 7 cutaway, Stewie finds himself back in school as one of the popular kids. As students surround Stewie to heap praise on him, he compares his popularity to that of “Will Smith’s clean rap.” We then get to see and listen to Will Smith’s rap using “clean” words.

5. Peter Narrates His Life

In this funny Family Guy cutaway, we first get the entire family driving home in the car and Lois explains to Peter that he has gone through phases in his life. Brian checks in by reminding Peter of the phase Peter went through when he started narrating his own life.

4. Aaron Neville Megaphone

You will probably hear us use this word a time or two when referring to a Family Guy cutaway – classic. This Aaron Neville Megaphone cutaway is exactly that.

If you are not aware of who Neville is, he is an R&B and soul singer with a very unique voice. Family Guy took advantage of this and in a short cutaway, expertly lampooned the singer.

3. The London Gentlemen’s Club

In this hilarious Family Guy cutaway, the London Gentlemen’s Club gets right to the annoyance of clearing one’s throat pretty quickly. The scene shows three older gentlemen sitting around a fireplace, reading the daily newspaper. When one begins to clear their throat, the others soon join in with over-the-top results.

2. Peter’s Gay Car Alarm

In this Family Guy cutaway, Peter is sitting in Kyle’s room, putting together Legos while offering an apology for beating up the kid. He then holds up a mess of Legos, asking the kid if it looks like a spaceship.

After Kyle responds with an unenthusiastic “sorta,” Peter claims he was never good at building things, like the time he built that gay car alarm.

1. Marco Polo With Helen Keller

As we mentioned and as we are sure all fans of Family Guy are aware, they will go to any length for a joke, no matter how poor in taste some might think it is. Case in point, Stewie makes a joke at the expense of Brian, who is set to go out on a date. Stewie decides to compare it to the time he played “that game of Marco Polo with Helen Keller.”