Exclusive: Robin Movie In Development

Giant Freakin Robot has now learned from a trusted and proven inside source that Warner Bros is working on a Robin animated movie.

By Faith McKay | Updated

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No matter what version of Robin you’re looking at, it can’t be easy to be mentored by Bruce Wayne. Batman steals all the glory. Meanwhile, Robin is still out there fighting crime in a gritty Gotham City, managing a secret identity, and finding his way in the lonely life of a hero. Perhaps a little more time in the spotlight would do him well. Giant Freakin Robot has now learned from a trusted and proven inside source that Warner Bros is working on a Robin animated movie.

Our source shared that the Robin movie is currently in development. While we know the DC movie is in the works, and stars Robin, we weren’t able to confirm which version of Robin we’re looking at. Will this be a movie starring Damian Wayne, the son of Batman? Will the classic Dick Grayson be taking center stage? It was specifically referred to as a Robin movie, so we have no reason to believe it’s a Nightwing story.

While there’s always a lot of debate among fans about what should be done with the live-action DC Extended Universe, and how those films should move forward, the DC Animated Universe is usually considered to be great. Their animated films have told a lot of different stories so far, including ones featuring Robin, like the 2015 Batman vs. Robin, featuring a young Damian Wayne going against his father. That movie saw the introduction of the Court of Owls and followed a comic line set up in the New 52. While DC animated movies usually follow a storyline from the comics, and have done so quite well, we were unable to learn what story from the comics they may be using for the new Robin movie.

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Admittedly, there are many Robins to choose from in the comics, some more popular than others. Tim Drake could be a great choice for an upcoming Robin movie. He was skilled, smart, and had a lot of detective skills. He is a natural leader and inquisitive, making him a solid choice for a main character deserving of his own adventure. He’s been seen in some animated movies for DC in the past. In 2000 he was briefly in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, long enough to remind fans that Joker is Tim Drake’s ultimate enemy. In 2003, he was in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, as Batman’s trusty sidekick. He does eventually take on another name, as many Robins do, so telling his story for a Robin movie would likely still involve a younger iteration of the character.

It will be interesting to see how their new take on a Robin movie will go. It’s always good news to hear that DC is expanding its selection of animated movies. They currently have a few in the works, including the early 2022 release, Catwoman: Hunted. Hopefully, the use of HBO Max will help bring more attention to some of DC’s best stories and they’ll continue that effort with this new project.