New Catwoman Movie Officially Announced With Cast Reveal

By Michileen Martin | 4 weeks ago


When you’re one of Gotham City’s many masked citizens, what’s worse — being pursued by the city’s most relentless heroes, or hunted by some of its most vicious villains? The answer, of course, is when you’re on the run from both, which is exactly the situation Gotham cat burglar Selina Kyle will find herself in for next year’s animated feature Catwoman: Hunted.

The animated movie and its cast were announced Tuesday, per The Hollywood Reporter. Elizabeth Gillies will voice Catwoman, who will be looking to get her claws on a priceless jewel. Unfortunately for her, this heist is going to draw a lot more attention than most. Voiced by Stephanie Beatriz — best known as the tough Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine — Batwoman will be hoping to slap the cuffs on Selina along with Interpol. At the same time, Catwoman’s scheme will set the ruthless crime boss Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask on her tail, and he’ll be voiced by Jonathan Banks, who you may know as the no-nonsense Mike of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Of course, as any fan of DC’s Gotham-centric comics will tell you, Black Mask rarely works alone and Catwoman: Hunted will be no different. Other villains joining Roman Sionis include the undead powerhouse Solomon Grundy (Steve Blum), the Black Lightning villain Tobias Whale (Keith David), the feline Cheetah (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), the deadly Cheshire (Kelly Hu), the ages-old La Dama (Jacqueline Obradors), and crime lord Dr. Tzin (Ron Yuan). Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame will voice secret agent King Faraday and Intergang leader Boss Moxie. Like Frakes, Zehra Fazal will pull double duty as League of Assassins head Talia al Ghul and the bat-like villain Nosferata. Lauren Cohan will voice Julia Pennyworth — daughter of Batman’s famous butler Alfred Pennyworth.


While we don’t know a lot of specifics of the plot, judging by the international nature of the assembled villains and the very fact that Interpol is involved, it seems likely Catwoman: Hunted will take the titular thief out of her Gotham City comfort zone and onto an international stage.

The official announcement of Catwoman: Hunted comes on the heels of some other interesting news about the character in other media. Last week, Entertainment Weekly posted an interview with Halle Berry in which she speaks candidly about her almost universally hated turn as the character with 2004’s bomb Catwoman. A week earlier we learned the same actress to play the first live-action version of Star Wars‘ Ahsoka Tano — Rosario Dawson — will be voicing Catwoman for the upcoming podcast Batman: The Audio Adventures.

Of course, lest we forget (and how could we), there was the reveal in June courtesy of Justin Halpern — co-creator of HBO Max’s Harley Quinn animated series, which normally features more violence, swearing, and sexual content than most animated superhero shows — who told Variety that a scene in which Batman would have been performing oral sex on Catwoman was vetoed by DC because “heroes don’t do that.”

Catwoman: Hunted will be directed by Shinsuke Terasawa and written by Greg Weiss. While we don’t have a precise release date yet, THR says to expect it in early 2022.